Inspired and Inspirational

A while ago, I was inspired by a friend facing down his fortieth year who chose to do a Year of Yes. I followed, eventually, with my own year. Combined with the therapy I went through and the changes in my life, the year of yes helped shift my whole way of thinking. I started to give fewer and fewer fucks about what people thought and just did things that either made me happy or Continue Reading →

One less adjective

Clumsy is one of those “ugly duckling” descriptors — things people use to describe kids when we “hope it’s a stage” or that they will “grow out of (or into)” something. Chubby. Plain. Shy. Quirky. Clumsy. I long ago realized that the Ugly Duckling story was itself bullshit, and yet I know I was both raised with and have also been guilty of this same bullshit attitude. Every time I stumbled as a kid, my Continue Reading →

Read Harder

The last reading challenge I did was in 2015 — I didn’t come anywhere near completing the 52 books on that list and I found it frustrating to always try and fit what I read into that list but it did expose me to things I would not have otherwise selected. This year, I am going to dive into Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. It’s their fourth kick at the can. There are 24 categories Continue Reading →


What a fucking year. This year had some seriously big peaks and valleys personally and the whole damned year was punctuated throughout by political issues that have made my stomach churn any time I check the news My own valleys include the unexpected loss of my brother and the disappointing end of one of my relationships. The peaks, however, outweigh those valleys. Getting the Victoria Tool Library up and running (and thriving), trips to Calgary Continue Reading →

Weekend Cocoon

I realized that November and December have evaporated because they were packed with social responsibilities — too packed, to be honest. I hit my limit Friday night and by the time I left the party to pick up my partner from work, I was ready to cocoon. Knowing I still had stuff I was committed to on Saturday and Sunday, I made the choice to pull back considerably. Not staying home and hiding, exactly, but Continue Reading →

Turning the Page

Two days ago, I made a big decision: I added a middle name to my facebook profile and became Cheryl Page DeWolfe. Within the first hour three people (including Kiddo) messaged me privately to ask about it. By the morning a few more had asked. I realized I could either keep answering one person at a time or I could just make a post about it. The responses tumbled in. Lots of “loves” and “likes” Continue Reading →

Can we ever separate the artist from their art?

More important than can we is the question should we? As more and more stories come out, fallout from the Weinstein story, and more people come forward in ways that survivors read as sympathetic to the aggressor, I find myself wondering, for example, will I ever be able to watch Matt Damon act and think, “damn that was a fine performance” or will my brain constantly be stuck on, “that douchecanoe totally made it easy Continue Reading →

Another Twenty Fave Films

Five years ago, I posted a list of 20 fave films. They’re still among my faves but I thought I would add another 20. These are not necessarily all “great” movies. Sometimes, great movies are boring, or depressing, or confusing. These are my personal favourites, films I can watch over and over (and have) and still love. Amelie— when I need a pick me up, I often turn to Amelie and grab my knitting. It’s Continue Reading →

Beerfest 2017: Coriander Edition

This was the first festival I attended in the rain — the rain was very welcome after an extensive dry spell so I wasn’t about to complain and I came mostly prepared; next time I will wear boots if it is wet though as my feet ended up very wet and chilled. Last year, the secret ingredient was mango — this year, it seemed to be coriander in many of the brews on offer. I Continue Reading →

Rebuilding my Routine

When I moved from the house to the apartment, my fitness regimen fell apart, even though I had worked so hard to build that habit by doing the fitness study in the early months of 2015. I made excuses for a while and then I just developed different habits. When Pokemon Go first launched in 2016 I was walking 5-10km per day now it gets me out of the house every day but I am Continue Reading →