Crafty Give-away

I got crafty today after I did some overdue mending including a pretty rough job of darning a couple of holes in the sleeves of my favourite sweater. First, I made some goodie-bags for Kiddo’s upcoming birthday party. I really didn’t want to stuff another batch of flimsy plastic bags and with the serger, it’s pretty easy to stitch them together. Next, I made some mini-Huggitz dolls to put in the goodie bags at Kiddo’s Continue Reading →

Clearing Inventory

Now that the biggest hurdle of 11for11 has been cleared, I’m moving on to the next project: stocking my Creative Miscellany store on Zibbet. I made the decision last fall to buy a lifetime membership on Zibbet rather than face runaway bills on Etsy. (I think there are still a few of these lifetime memberships available — click the yellow box over there if you wanna sign up or learn more.) I haven’t completely closed Continue Reading →

More Miscellany

After spending time this weekend sorting through mountains of stuff in our house, I realized I have four bins of Creative Miscellany stock. I decided I had to make a concerted effort to list more stuff on Etsy and Zibbet — I’ve done some of that tonight. I tried at the last minute to get a vendor table at the Selkirk Waterfront Festival but was too late. I’ve marked my calendar to remind myself next Continue Reading →