Feeling Mortal Today

Most days, I don’t think about death, not in a personal way at least, but I’m old enough now that people within a few years of my age are dying more regularly. Today, a celebrity, Adam Yauch has died at 47. While that’s a little older than me, I definitely consider him a peer. As one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys he helped bring rap to greater suburbia as a generation fought Continue Reading →

Channeling Edgar Allan Poe

I discovered, while poking around my docs folders, a longish, rhymed poem-in-progress. As I read it I started to tweak things here and there and eventually added several new verses. I pondered it over lunch, reading it aloud in the elevator and adding more verses, and I decided that it was definitely Edgar Allan Poe-ish. (Edgar Allan Poe-esque?). It’s called “Arthur’s Gift” — at least for now — and it’s one of those gifts no Continue Reading →

From the deep…

OK, so, thanks to Chair for sharing this but it’s now freaking me out. I had no idea that cephalopods could leave the water for any amount of time… and this one, at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in San Mateo (just south of San Francisco) just walks out of the water like, “whatever,” to take out his garbage (a dead crab): If this does not freak you out and you’d like to welcome our new Continue Reading →

January video blog

I recorded this video blog on my first day back to work in January after the winter break. It was a dark morning and I was compelled to share it with you… of course then I forgot to download it from my camera until this weekend… so it’s not terribly current.

Emotional Sucker-punch

I keep thinking I need to take the song Slow Car Crash by Headphones off my iPod because whenever it rolls into rotation it hits me like a tonne of bricks. The song is short, very low-fi, and some will find the vocals incredibly twee and annoying, but to me, it is a perfect storytelling moment. It almost always makes me cry. In looking for a video, I came across this fan-produced hand-drawn series of Continue Reading →

Recommended Media

It’s just so easy these days to hit “share” and send things out to the wilds of social media that I have been remiss in sharing these wonderful, crazy things. Here’s four names you need to know… 1. Leslie Hall — When I first watched her video for Tight Pants/Body Rolls it was a bit like watching a train wreck but like all perfect pop songs, it is ridiculously catchy and today I finally just Continue Reading →

57 Channels and Nothing On

There’s far more than 57 channels now, but Springsteen was right even then. TV is overflowing with crap. And yet, I still watch it because somewhere among that crap are little gems — the shows that make me laugh, or at least smile, or teach me something or even make me feel better about my life or my abilities (I’m looking at you, Canada’s Worst Handyman). Recently, Alberta’s Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett told a room Continue Reading →


I have Roger Ebert to thank for sharing this brilliant, dark, spoken word piece called Death By Scrabble: The title alone made me click but the words made me continue watching. It’s almost ten minutes long, but worth the time. Almost daily, I play one of the Scrabble-like games on Facebook, Lexulous (which you can also play outside of Facebook) and I can certainly relate to the loathing this man feels on looking at tiles Continue Reading →