Freedom to Snow Day

While I did make an effort to get to work, there was ongoing trouble with transit buses all over the region including 4 tangled at the foot of the next hill along my route. If I’d had an urgent need to get to work, I could have made it but all that was on the books today was scanning, scanning, and more scanning. In addition, it’s reading week so the campus is staff-heavy this week. Continue Reading →

Of Blizzards Past

OK, really just one, and it wasn’t exactly a blizzard as much as a record-breaking dump of snow. The winter of 1996 was remembered for one thing, snow that totally shut down the city for several days. Mike and I were living in a crappy suite in a house on Ormond St., just behind Central School. I say crappy because when the house was converted into suites, they had one thermostat for the central heating Continue Reading →

Weather’s coming.

The title to this post is a reference to an annoying Tim Horton’s ad from a few years back in which an employee looks out the window an announces, “Weather’s coming,” before she gets a bunch of drinks ready for all the folks who will stream in on cue. Thing is, as any child can tell you, “weather” is out there all the time; bad weather might be on the way, or rough, stormy, cold, Continue Reading →