Channeling Edgar Allan Poe

I discovered, while poking around my docs folders, a longish, rhymed poem-in-progress. As I read it I started to tweak things here and there and eventually added several new verses. I pondered it over lunch, reading it aloud in the elevator and adding more verses, and I decided that it was definitely Edgar Allan Poe-ish. (Edgar Allan Poe-esque?). It’s called “Arthur’s Gift” — at least for now — and it’s one of those gifts no Continue Reading →

Cheerful? OK.

I got into work and heard a co-worker going desk to desk in the cubicles nearby telling everyone, “Did you see? Cheryl’s in the newspaper!” This is how I found out that the interview we did last month had been published. Overall it’s a nice article — all about and some of the things we do (and don’t do) to save a buck. [Read it at the Times-Colonist] Funniest response? One co-worker asked me, Continue Reading →


I have Roger Ebert to thank for sharing this brilliant, dark, spoken word piece called Death By Scrabble: The title alone made me click but the words made me continue watching. It’s almost ten minutes long, but worth the time. Almost daily, I play one of the Scrabble-like games on Facebook, Lexulous (which you can also play outside of Facebook) and I can certainly relate to the loathing this man feels on looking at tiles Continue Reading →