People Still Drive Cars

… and people need to park them somewhere. The University of Victoria has plans to build a $75M sports centre; Saanich residents are all over the idea and don’t seem to mind that they weren’t consulted on that. They are instead livid about the parkade that UVic plans to build in order to serve the new sports centre — so much so that Saanich council refused to approve plans last night at a marathon meeting Continue Reading →

Wascally Wabbits

Yes, it is the feral rabbit population at UVic about which I speak. They’ve been in the news quite a bit of late following the announcement in late June of a cull, er, “Rabbit Management Plan” (“About time!” I thought). My coworkers are, as you might expect, split on the subject. Some of them continue to feed the rabbits despite pleas from the administration not to do so. (Among the reasons for not feeding the Continue Reading →