Complexity of Meat

The next step in the current urban homesteading trend is raising animals for meat. Several cities and towns have started to look at bylaws surrounding the issue as urban farmers want to step up from eggs to something more — whether chickens, geese, rabbits, goats, or other smaller food animals. Locally, one former city counsellor expressed an interest in amending our bylaws to include a provision for keeping goats for dairy, but not food. It Continue Reading →

Full of Potential

Sunday started with giggly, happy girls in the living room (awake early from Saturday evening’s “sleep-over”); outside we were greeted by an early morning rainbow. ┬áLater, the clouds cleared and left a fresh, bright afternoon. While my plan had been to turn sod — as part of an expansion of our food garden area — I was unable to do that with my ankle in a wrap but I did manage to turn, weed, and Continue Reading →

What is an Urban Homesteader?

On our modest urban lot, in a home nearly 100 years old, we raise vegetables and fruit, we compost, we preserve what we grow, we repurpose castoff materials, we build, we repair, we stitch, we use a mix of transportation, our shed includes plans for solar power and rainwater harvesting, and we continue to ponder adding a few chickens to the mix. In short, we are urban homesteaders. According to the Dervaes (who have also Continue Reading →

A Weekend on our Homestead

We’ve been pondering pulling up roots and moving again but the more we look around the more I love our neighbourhood and the potential that our lot and home still have to meet all our needs. It may take a chunk of cash, but it’ll be less cash (and more effort) than buying another house (for which we are at least $200K short if we look at things realistically). Besides, now that I’ve planted things Continue Reading →

Stupidity TM

Today has been an interesting day to be watching fellow urban homestead-types get wound up into a tight ball of rage spiked with solidarity and mixed with a dash of disbelief. It started this morning when bloggers started to report that they had received what were described as “cease and desist” letters from representatives of the Dervaes Institute (a family run farm/school/business in Pasedena, California) for their use of the terms “urban homestead” and/or “urban Continue Reading →