Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend

This weekend, I had two events in one to attend: the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association Conference and the Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend. It has been a whirlwind of labour learning in a village that has become my favourite place on the Island. (Yesterday, I found myself wondering, “What’s the catch?” presuming it must be something like a Shirley Jackson style lottery.) I arrived early and took in some guided tours of the museum and Continue Reading →

Rethink, Reflect, Relax.

For three days, last week, I was at the CUPE Political Action Conference. I traveled and stayed on my own; Shawn and Kiddo joined me on Friday. I spent yesterday mostly in “hang mode” on my return, but the concepts from the conference continued to spin in my head.   Rethink Personally, I have a lot of issues with “partisan politics” — specifically with individuals and groups who spend a lot of energy pushing their Continue Reading →

Boiling Over

As a union member I have listened to a lot of anti-union slurs over the years.  I’m tired of hearing it. I’ve been simmering but now I am boiling over. By accepting a job with my employer, I accepted membership in my union. I see this aspect of my life as no different from being a member of a congregation or having a particular body shape. Society thinks it’s wrong to discriminate or harass someone based Continue Reading →

May Day

It’s May first and I am home sick (I’m not really that sick, but Kiddo is, so I stayed home to look after her) and I am thinking about the duality of May Day celebrations. On one side is Beltane with its phallic maypole and celebrations of “coming together” (marriage & making babies) with parades and feasts. On the other is International Worker’s Day  (in Canada we celebrate on Labour Day instead), celebrating worker organization Continue Reading →