How much is enough housing?

Earlier today, I got into a conversation on Twitter that prompted the titular question. It started with a tweet about gas prices, I replied, “Sometimes easier said than done, though. Esp. if one is required to drive to/from or for employment.” This prompted a few more tweets about living closer to one’s employer and the impracticality of that, in my opinion (low vacancy rates/high housing prices). Kris replied, “well, it all depends what what you Continue Reading →

Missing Halloween

This year, I will not be home for Halloween. I can’t remember that ever happening before so I’m not sure how to anticipate it. I will be at a convention in Vancouver, heading over on Saturday, returning the following Friday. Mike and Kiddo will be staying here so she won’t miss out on Trick-or-Treating, especially as she only has a few years left before it becomes “kid stuff.” At least I was able to make Continue Reading →

Twitter Tornado

I stumbled/jumped into a Twitter-tornado last night as prompted by a blog post by Maggie Murphy (@HeartAGlow). In it, Murphy shares the conversation (both public *and* private) that she had with MP Tony Clement (@TonyClementCPC), urging him to separate his official (i.e. Conservative Party of Canada) tweeting from his personal (i.e. Tony Clement) tweeting by starting a second Twitter account. I commented on her post that I thought she was way out of line for posting Continue Reading →

Twitter’s Shining Moment

Last night there was one big bright shiny star in the midst of the breaking news and its name is Twitter. Twitter is where I heard first that there would be rare late-night press briefing from the White House. Twitter is where the rumors gained speed that the press briefing concerned Bin Laden Twitter is how I managed to stay connected to the situation as people shared live feeds for various news organizations, and stories Continue Reading →

Cocktail Confusion

I failed to blog Friday or Saturday but I don’t feel like its a full fail, just a gap. I was feeling very under the weather Friday, thankful that I didn’t have to be at work because I had a long mid-afternoon nap and went to bed early.  Saturday was a rare social day for me — midday we went to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party, and later in the evening I went to a “Ladies’ Continue Reading →