Thankful for so much

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and I have the ingredients for a mostly traditional turkey dinner with pumpkin cheesecake awaiting me in the kitchen as I enjoy my morning coffee. I’ve done laundry and spent time reading about the state of the world today, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my life. I am thankful that kiddo is with me today (she’ll go to her Dad’s for a thanksgiving Continue Reading →

Compounded Guilt

I recently found myself in that endless cycle of feeling guilty about stuff I haven’t done — I haven’t prepared the garden, I haven’t published the SmoothieJune Book —and now it’s June!! — I haven’t kept up with other writing. Then I compounded my own guilt by feeling guilty aboutĀ “shoulding on myself” I should be outside, I should be writing, I should work around the issues I have and just get it done. My internal Continue Reading →


Today is Thanksgiving Monday and after a roller-coaster of first world problemsĀ last week I thought it appropriate to give thanks for a few important things: My country — as much as I complain about the systems we have in place (political, financial, social…) and how broken they are, we’re still incredibly lucky to be in this country. We are free to complain about our problems and, more importantly, we are free to participate in the Continue Reading →