The Uncanny Valley of Windows 8

Those of you who know me in real life have heard about my woes over the past year with my MacBook Pro. Two logic boards and a replacement hard drive later, just barely 3 years of ownership, and it is no longer operational. Turns out, a whole lot of them that were sold in 2011 had the same problems and there is potential for a class action lawsuit. In the meantime, I parked my paperweight Continue Reading →

Tech Transition

Long story short: we all have new phones. My new Samsung Galaxy S4 is housed in the fugliest OtterBox they had available (grey/neon pink); Kiddo’s S4 and Shawn’s S3 are in black cases. We spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening and some of today fiddling with and familiarizing ourselves with the new technology. We didn’t expect to go in and get Samsungs all-around, but it worked out that way. The timing was right: we Continue Reading →

Tech hand-me-downs

I wish I could say we were surprised when Kiddo lost her phone this week. She lost it on the bus and I phoned immediately to report it, but there’s been no sign of it. We pondered what to do about the situation because neither of us really wanted her to go without a phone for any significant amount of time — it’s how we keep in touch and allow her a lot more freedom Continue Reading →

Media in a Box

When we were last in Vancouver (actually Richmond) we stopped into NCIX and ended up leaving with a new toy: the WD TV Live box for just under $100. You’ve probably heard of Boxee or Apple TV; WD TV Live is similar. Basically it’s a little wi-fi unit that plugs into a TV and allows you to access digital media and streaming services like Netflix or Shoutcast (of course some like Hulu and Spotify are geo-blocked Continue Reading →

Bring on CV Dazzle.

So… the Harper government wants to make the act of wearing a mask to conceal one’s identity during a riot or unlawful assembly punishable with up to five years of jail time. Bill C-309 is yet another example of the “tough on crime” stance our elected representatives seem to be jamming down our throats. On one hand, I get it. Having watched the asshats destroy property during last year’s Stanley Cup Riots, I appreciate the use of facial Continue Reading →

Technology vs Creativity

On Thursday morning, I woke up with a great idea for a cartoon (that would also work well on CafePress merchandise). I sketched the rough idea on a post-it note and promised myself I would draw it properly later that night or maybe Friday. Skip ahead to Saturday when I finally found the time and I thought, “You know, I shouldn’t have to draw this by hand then scan it in — why don’t I Continue Reading →

Similar but not the same

I got my Flip HD camera for Christmas 2009 and have taken very few videos with it but I’m still fond of the camera. Since then, there’s been a new model released but my 2nd generation Flip UltraHD is still available and currently sells on Amazon for $129.97 (3rd gen is $159.97). Last weekend we found a Curtis knock-off for $14.99 at the Real Canadian Superstore. For 10% of the price, we were willing to Continue Reading →