Coaches’ Preview: All C’s

This year, hubby and I will be wearing our team colours and coaching newcomers at Social Media Camp starting Monday. We have been assigned seven newcomers whom I’m sure will have varied needs and differing levels of comfort and skill. So how will we manage all of this? Well, we will do our best to answer their questions (or find them answers) and we will stick to some basic advice about social media. Be Complementary. Continue Reading →

Facebook, your days are numbered.

Again, I find myself cursing not only the evil, evil ways of Facebook but also myself for still using the service. As I described it earlier today, I feel like Facebook is that chair you keep around that was sooooo comfortable when you first bought it but now as the springs poke through and the arms are threadbare, you just keep lumping on cushions and throws so that you forget what’s underneath it all. One Continue Reading →

Missing Halloween

This year, I will not be home for Halloween. I can’t remember that ever happening before so I’m not sure how to anticipate it. I will be at a convention in Vancouver, heading over on Saturday, returning the following Friday. Mike and Kiddo will be staying here so she won’t miss out on Trick-or-Treating, especially as she only has a few years left before it becomes “kid stuff.” At least I was able to make Continue Reading →

The ebb tide continues

Since proclaiming that I was going to spend less time on social media and do other stuff it seems like everyone around me is doing the same. People who used to blog are back to blogging; people who never blogged are looking for a new outlet — one where they own and control the content, ads, and layout. Offline, the tide continues too. More people I know are learning new crafts or going back to old Continue Reading →

Writing – Reading – Creating

In writing, I realized I’ve been lax in my Friday Flash Fiction posts and in my fiction writing in general. In part, I think this is because I am not reading much fiction, something I aim to fix. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve finished reading a physical book (I have read several e-books in the past year). Most books sit on my desk at work or my bedside table with bookmarks — Continue Reading →

The Exodus Begins…

…and I couldn’t be more amused. Apparently Mike and I are not alone in coming to the conclusion that Facebook has taken a sharp turn to the Dark Side (and not in a good way). It’s as though the sharp turn was a jolt that woke everyone up (like the van-crash, Inception-style!). So far two people from my friends list have completely deactivated their accounts (whether permanently or not, I don’t know yet) and post Continue Reading →

Forgoing Facebook

Friday I decided to logout of Facebook at work* and try to not check it. I knew  it had become a habit but, wow, was I surprised by the numbers. I kept track between 9 am and 3:30 pm of each time I consciously thought, “I should check Facebook,”: 8 times. Plus once when I thought about posting something there and once that I clicked on a short link from Twitter that was for a Facebook event Continue Reading →

We are all celebrities now

Like most people between 15 and 50, I share a lot online. Some, like this blog, is shared very consciously; some, like my Flickr stream, are more cumulative — one can easily create a stalker-friendly snapshot from the aggregate therein. Then there is Facebook. Sometimes I shudder at how much of “me” is out there — a few keystrokes in the search engine of your choice will find websites, social media accounts, and many, many Continue Reading →

Burnout All Around

This morning, I fired up the coffeemaker as usual. Twenty minutes later, Mike asks, “Is this all the coffee you made?” holding up the caraffe with only 3 cups out of 12 brewed. We quickly figured out the element was toast. Mike, much brighter than I am before coffee, calmly boiled the kettle and poured it over the grounds until the caraffe was full. Clever. At work I am midway through a four-day Photoshop CS5 webinar Continue Reading →


Following on the heels of my panic over search algorithms that exclude things from me, a friend was discussing how difficult it is to talk to people “outside our geek circle” and I realized that I subconsciously do with people what the Google and Yahoo! search algorithms do to my results. I exclude some people whom I never thought to look for (Dark Side of the Moon folk) and others because some part of me Continue Reading →