Zombie Smoothie

Is the Zombie Smoothie better than brains? I hope so. My mornings often start a little like this: … but when I did my Smoothie June challenge last year, I discovered that the boost was pretty good. At least enough to get me looking (and feeling) more …. human. Living even. And while I generally stick to a few standbys for combos, once in a while I try something new. Unfortunately, experimenting with new smoothie flavours Continue Reading →

Casa DeWolfe House Ketchup

The Root Cellar had a deal on flats of BC tomatoes this week so we grabbed a flat for $8.88 and used most of it to make a new batch of house ketchup (well, Mike made the ketchup but left me to can it). We figure it cost about $11 to make about 4L of very tasty, fresh ketchup. The seasoning really makes the difference in this recipe by David Rosengarten which we initially found Continue Reading →

Single-serve Ice cream

A few months back, Kiddo attended a cooking-for-kids class; she learned some basic recipes for meals, snacks and desserts, one of which was how to make a single serving of ice cream using just a few ingredients plus a couple of zip-close bags. With the weather finally warming up, Kiddo was eager to give it a shot again but with non-dairy milk; I suggested the Coconut Dream and she went right to it. The recipe Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Coffee-Banana

With the amount of coffee I drink, it was inevitable for me to seek out a coffee smoothie, so I am rounding out my month of smoothies with this one, inspired by the Coffee Smoothie from Best Health.  Their version included berries but I wasn’t keen on a coffee-berry blend this morning so I put in a second banana. I also skipped the cinnamon (not a fan of that in my coffee) and doubled the Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Chocolate-Raspberry

Today’s smoothie is inspired by the very simple recipe at 52 Kitchen Adventures. Naturally, I made changes, but they were subtle today. Her recipe had only four ingredients plus one optional. I added the optional banana, plus snuck in some chia seeds. I also added more cocoa and more milk than suggested so that it would be noticeably chocolatey and more than 14 oz. My chocolate-raspberry smoothie: 3/4 cup milk (I used almond milk) 1 Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Harper’s Favorite

Before you think I’ve gone rogue and started looking to King Harper for smoothie tips, today’s recipe comes from Harper’s Happenings. Harper’s Favorite includes spinach, blueberries, “mixed fruit” (strawberries, papaya, mango, pineapple), and other standard stuff. I didn’t have a bag of mixed fruit so I just upped the blueberries and threw in some mango and raspberries. Even though the original post was honest that the colour would be and icky brown, I was determined Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Peach-Raspberry

While trying to fill this week’s selections out, I just plain ran out so this one is all my own creation. The combo of peach and raspberry is a common one because of the sweet/tart contrast; I didn’t just pull that out of thin air. I wanted to try a banana-free smoothie this morning, too. I did do a tentative search for a recipe to match but eventually just gave up and decided to wing it. Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Pineapple-Mango

For this last week of Smoothie-June I am trying to use up some of the ingredients I bought but would not normally have in the house otherwise. Top of the list was the frozen mango chunks; mango is not my favourite fruit. I found inspiration at Simply Scratch with a pineapple-mango smoothie recipe. At this point though, I’m mostly using recipes for the general idea rather than following them to the letter which means that Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Straight A

When I was looking through the freezer, I found a peach I’d stashed in there. I figured I needed a recipe that could use it and I tracked down this “Straight A Smoothie” from Good Mood Food. It looked great, mostly simple ingredients, but in the end, I changed a lot of it, so my variation is listed below. To begin with, I read “1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice” — we went over Continue Reading →

Smoothie: Immune Boosting Berry Spinach

More spinach today,  inspired by this blueberry/pomegranate blend from Yummy Mummy. My variation uses  blueberry  juice, some honey to sweeten, and ground chia for fibre and protein; largely using what I had on hand. 3/4 cup blueberry juice (I used SunRype Blueberry Harvest) 1 cup fresh baby spinach 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1 banana 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt 2 tbsp ground chia seeds 2 tsp honey Once again, the spinach just disappears into the finished Continue Reading →