Would changing my outlook change me?

OK, that is probably a rhetorical question, but what I wonder is how would others react to a different version of me? What if the “new me” isn’t as funny or interesting? I shouldn’t care, but on some level I do. When I do something “out of character” Shawn will joke about checking for body-snatcher pods in the greenhouse or ask what the ransom is to return the “real Cheryl.” While I laugh it off, Continue Reading →


I’ve had my friend’s post titled, “Darkworkers” open in my phone browser for a couple of days. I read it more than once. It resonated with me but I didn’t know quite how to respond. I’ve felt the edges of the darkness of depression, waded in past my ankles, but thankfully never submerged in full. I do however visit dark corners when I write. Hatchling writes, “[Darkness] knows our sins and our secret thoughts, and she Continue Reading →

My love-hate with self-help

The self-help section of a bookstore or library is one of those places I sometimes end up despite efforts to avoid it. While I don’t like to paint any genre with broad brush-strokes, I think I am safe in stating that there are a greater number of pretenders and outright charlatans publishing self-help titles than any other subject area. In all honesty, I scoff openly at most titles but then, from time to time, I Continue Reading →