It’s that time again.

Looking back, looking ahead, looking at lists from years past, and shaking my head at unmet goals. My list of goals from last January is particularly annoying: I managed to cross off two of eight tasks and met zero of the five goals. Ugh. I had tried more specific goals last year because the broad “get healthier” or “write more often” are too easy to fudge and cross off without really accomplishing anything. Apparently the Continue Reading →

Slow Progress

A little over a month ago, I set myself the goal to try to be more positive — I even came up with a mantra “Be present, be patient, be calm, be open, be thankful, move on.” That worked on and off for a few days. I should have written it down and posted it around me: at work, near my laptop, and especially in the car. Initially Shawn was also pointing out when I was slipping, but Continue Reading →

The Perils of Disorganization

There are a few things I am not very good at — scratch that; there are a few tasks I suck at. today I hit an intersection of some of those things and it caused me anxiety, stress, frustration, and a lot of self-directed anger that all ended up spilling over and making both my day and Shawn’s day unpleasant. Filing papers, tracking financial things, and dealing with government agencies are all things I actively Continue Reading →

Procrastination in Action

This blog post is just one of the things I have done today while not writing my novel. As today was Remembrance Day, it is a stat holiday. Normally today would have been my flex day but because of the stat I have pushed that ahead to Monday, making this a four day weekend with very little on the books. Speaking of book… I had hours upon hours to write today but here’s what I did instead: Continue Reading →


Rerailing is the opposite of derailing and it’s what I need to do to get my 11for11 project back on track. I’m not sure how I got derailed, exactly but I think I just convinced myself I was done with the task — in fact, I made it just over half way to my goal to get 100 listings in my Zibbet store. Part of my brain knew I wasn’t done so couldn’t move on Continue Reading →