Bill C-30 is Bad.

It’s bad in so many ways… and it has to go — as much as we’ve all been having fun laughing at Vic Toews for naievely suggesting that if we (Canadians) stood in the way of Bill C-30 then we were clearly supporting child pornographers1. My fave piece about this is, surprisingly, from the Globe and Mail in which the author imagines what Harper has to go through to regularly reign in his caucus of Continue Reading →

Facebook Groups Transition

Remember when Facebook launched its new “groups” function and everyone panicked because suddenly people could be added to groups the same way they could be tagged in photos — by other people, without prior permission. Yeah, it kinda sucked. Stranger still, the old groups still continued to exist, even though they’d long been eclipsed in usefulness by Facebook pages. In fact, I’ll bet you still have a bunch of groups linked to your profile that Continue Reading →


In a span of roughly 6 months, I have received at least 5 email messages at my gmail account intended for someone else. It happens, right? But how would you feel if you knew it was a law firm who was inadvertently sharing client info with a complete stranger? I felt nauseous at the thought that this information was bleeding out and immediately replied: “Hi, just to let you know this email was not intended Continue Reading →