Supporting my words with actions

I’ve spent a fair bit of time discussing who I am supporting this year in municipal elections. In particular, I’ve talked to a lot of people about Lisa Helps and Ben Isitt. Shawn and I agreed to have signs for both on our lawn. Lisa Helps because, well, I really do believe we need a change. I have never voted for our current mayor but he keeps getting elected and as a result, our city Continue Reading →

Rethink, Reflect, Relax.

For three days, last week, I was at the CUPE Political Action Conference. I traveled and stayed on my own; Shawn and Kiddo joined me on Friday. I spent yesterday mostly in “hang mode” on my return, but the concepts from the conference continued to spin in my head.   Rethink Personally, I have a lot of issues with “partisan politics” — specifically with individuals and groups who spend a lot of energy pushing their Continue Reading →

Orange, Crushed.

Well. That happened. I came into this election feeling pretty damned apathetic. Our riding was pretty secure — even the earliest polls showed Rob Fleming out in front. Hubby even opted for a sign on our front lawn….   …but here’s my confession. Even though I really like Fleming — both as a person and as a representative — I could not support Adrian Dix as leader of the NDP let alone our Premier…. so Continue Reading →

Ignorance is bliss

Awwww, heck. I was happily playing around with our Sodastream using Torani syrup tonight and put that out on Facebook only to be informed that the machine and syrups are “manufactured in illegally occupied West Bank lands.” I thought it must be a hoax… but then I started digging… and my heart sank. It seems that while the syrups are manufactured in Israel proper, the machines are manufactured in the disputed West Bank area. And Continue Reading →

A penny saved

Before the digital ink had dried on the opinion pieces about Harper’s budget announcement that the penny would no longer be minted as of this fall, the Wikipedia page for Penny (Canadian Coin) had already been updated and a twitter account @CDN_Penny had been created. The penny will still maintain its value indefinitely but you can bet within a year or so, most retailers will be rounding prices and won’t want to take them. There Continue Reading →

Cost Overruns are to be Expected

City Councillor Ben Isitt noted  on Facebook today, “Major cost overruns are projected for the new Johnson Street Bridge — from $77-million to $93-million. Should Council opt for a simpler, more functional, more cost-effective design (that is strong enough to survive a major quake and accommodate light rail)? Let us know between now and Thursday:” I decided I did have an opinion, and I started to draft a quick letter. The more I wrote, Continue Reading →

Bring on CV Dazzle.

So… the Harper government wants to make the act of wearing a mask to conceal one’s identity during a riot or unlawful assembly punishable with up to five years of jail time. Bill C-309 is yet another example of the “tough on crime” stance our elected representatives seem to be jamming down our throats. On one hand, I get it. Having watched the asshats destroy property during last year’s Stanley Cup Riots, I appreciate the use of facial Continue Reading →

Ballot Cast

Mike and I took the opportunity today to vote in the advanced polls (election day is officially Saturday). I don’t think I’ve ever done the advance polls before and I can’t say I was terribly impressed with the security guard trying to “manage the bottleneck” (of three people including us) by insisting we “STAY BEHIND THE GREEN LINE” (Mike was two inches over the line) and was clearly lacking in knowledge about the actual process Continue Reading →

Newsflash: Premier has BOOBS.

Apparently, even though the gender of our current Premier has been clear from the beginning, the fact that she has BOOBS was not. Yesterday, the biggest non-news story ever erupted because a leftover from the Mesozoic era of media tweeted: This is the outfit she dared to wear in the legislature: I know, right? What was she thinking! Where is her burka? Does she not know she is in public? I sure hope her ankles are covered! Continue Reading →