Unholy Book

Written in 2011, this poem was featured in Sanitarium Magazine, issue #13 last September. As the rights have reverted to me, I thought I’d share it with you.

Poetry Month Random Haiku

I wanted to write a few haiku but didn’t have anything in mind so, using the Creative Random Word Generator, I got these three words: fare, mud, and rash, and wrote these three haiku: without any coins I can’t ride the bus today: exact fare only   underfoot we crush blades of grass into the mud building a shortcut   suddenly, red welts in patches across her skin the rash, a warning     Photos Continue Reading →

To My Body

to my body, that works so hard to lift, contain and transport all that makes me me every thought and emotion that lives inside this flesh and there is a lot of flesh bones, sinew, ligaments, and untoned muscle but it holds true. a toast, in thanks, for being there through thick and thin mostly thick and even when aching and broken and damaged still holding me tight. an apology for playing favourites a bad Continue Reading →

Channeling Edgar Allan Poe

I discovered, while poking around my docs folders, a longish, rhymed poem-in-progress. As I read it I started to tweak things here and there and eventually added several new verses. I pondered it over lunch, reading it aloud in the elevator and adding more verses, and I decided that it was definitely Edgar Allan Poe-ish. (Edgar Allan Poe-esque?). It’s called “Arthur’s Gift” — at least for now — and it’s one of those gifts no Continue Reading →

Mixed Bag of Poems

This week, I wrote a couple of haiku for a BlackBerry PlayBook contest through Twitter (hey, even if reviews aren’t great, I’ll take one for free.): compact, convenient communication device BlackBerry Playbook Talk, work, play, listen anywhere and anytime BlackBerry PlayBook But I was inspired after listening to an episode of This American Life that included a segment by David Rakoff to revisit some rhymed verse again. (I highly recommend listening to the episode, “Frenemies,” Continue Reading →

Haiku Trio

April 8-9-10 Haiku for poem-a-day; a summary of my last three days: meeting with my peeps history and future thoughts as libraries change yard sales and road trip shopping for bargains all day retail therapy house clean, friends arrive sushi, tea enjoyed by all wine and chat follow   [Bonus Haiku about the Kennedy Miniseries] Kennedy fam’ly American royalty History reframed

word soup

  Word soup is what my mother told me would happen if I kept talking so fast words jumbled up like a game of pickup sticks but more difficult to untangle. I hear word soup on the news and on those shows where pundits interrupt nonsense with poppycock I wonder what would happen if they were paid to listen instead of talk. Word soup infects the page too some authors even manage a nice thick Continue Reading →


I have Roger Ebert to thank for sharing this brilliant, dark, spoken word piece called Death By Scrabble: The title alone made me click but the words made me continue watching. It’s almost ten minutes long, but worth the time. Almost daily, I play one of the Scrabble-like games on Facebook, Lexulous (which you can also play outside of Facebook) and I can certainly relate to the loathing this man feels on looking at tiles Continue Reading →