Festive Flotsam 2014

Last year I did a series of posts through December which I tagged as “Festive Flotsam” — and I enjoyed it so I’m doing it again! Rather than make a new tag, I will re-use the old one, which I think is fair game! I missed yesterday, but it took me several days into December last year to figure it out so one day still puts me ahead of myself. đŸ˜‰  Here’s the first two Continue Reading →

Filling in the Detail

I’ve just returned from a week spent at the BC Federation of Labour Convention. It was at times mentally and emotionally draining, so I took my breaks alone, where possible, to recharge. Since we had limited time most days and since the weather was soggy for all but our last day in Vancouver, I kept my lunch breaks to the food court near the convention hall. The hallways leading between the hotels and the convention hall Continue Reading →

Burning their own crops

I’ve been a Flickr user for almost 8 years now — a paid Pro user the whole time (the first year was a gift) — and while I have been disappointed for a while (Yahoo! seemed to have abandoned the service after buying it), I was happy to forgive everything when the new Flickr app launched recently. I downloaded it as soon as I saw it was available and snapped a photo then played with Continue Reading →

Copyright or not?

Consider this photo: It shows US President Barack Obama editing the address he gave on Sunday night. It’s part of The Whitehouse Flickr stream. If you view it on Flickr, one can plainly see in the right sidebar under “License,” that this is a United States Government Work, preceded by an open circle often used to indicate copyright-free status. Clicking the link, I learned this: A United States government work is prepared by an officer Continue Reading →