Turning the Page

Two days ago, I made a big decision: I added a middle name to my facebook profile and became Cheryl Page DeWolfe. Within the first hour three people (including Kiddo) messaged me privately to ask about it. By the morning a few more had asked. I realized I could either keep answering one person at a time or I could just make a post about it. The responses tumbled in. Lots of “loves” and “likes” Continue Reading →

Who Do I Think I Am?

Dating and the Confident Girl Recently, I caved to my curiosity and installed Tinder on my phone, just to see “how bad can this really be?” — as it turns out, I quite like the interface, and it wasn’t too difficult to figure out some of the flaws (fake accounts and time-wasters) as well as the perks (just unmatch and POOF gone). But, yet again, here I was faced with writing yet another bio. Who Continue Reading →

This is Forty-Seven

Forty seven is an odd number. It doesn’t yet roll off my tongue, but I’m so very grateful to be here. I have everything I need and virtually everything I want. I’m healthy, housed, and loved. I finally feel close to whole again now that I’ve stopped trying to compartmentalize or hide aspects of myself. Whether you call it openness or honesty or transparency, whatever it is, it’s working for me, for the most part. Continue Reading →

Hidden Rainbow

It’s Pride Week and I have been asked a few times if I will be joining in the Pride Parade on Sunday. Thing is, in past years, no one ever asked me. Which begs the question, have I been more “out” lately? Or is it just that more people have climbed on the pride bandwagon? Continue Reading →

Seeking Spirituality

For those who have known me long enough, you’ll know that I was raised without any particular religious traditions. I tried going to Sunday School as a young child of 7 or 8, after being called out as a “heathen” at school but received an icy reception when it was clear I was there without parents* so I bailed on that idea. I returned to Christianity as a teen– drawn in by youth group that Continue Reading →

Opposite of Motivated

I looked back at my posts in recent months and I can see my little BURSTS of “yeah! I wanna WRITE!!” where, once in a while, I manage to splat something on the page. As I mentioned last month when I wrote about writing, and trying to build habits, I just keep getting derailed. In that post I talked about my proclivity for mindless websurfing — generally fueled by social media — but I think Continue Reading →

Paralysis of Choice

Sometimes people ask me how I could work for one employer for so long — I am an anomaly among my peers in that respect. I often answer frankly, inertia. It is easier to just stay put than to consider other options before me. The purpose party was supposed to help me get a grasp on what I REALLY wanted and unfortunately, I think I was not completely honest with myself. I felt at that Continue Reading →

Potted Plant Powderkeg

This weekend, I had a bit of a meltdown. You might have called it a freak-out, rage outburst, a blown gasket or something less kind. At any rate, I would like to publicly apologize to my family who had to wear it while I tried to find my way to the other side of it. What triggered the meltdown, you ask? Trying to find a place to put a re-potted plant that was both difficult Continue Reading →