Five Reasons I’m Done With Groupon

“Groupon is so 2011.” Those four words ┬ámade me laugh this morning. It was a tweet in response to Mike’s suggestion that the 11th scam of 2011 should have been Groupon — I agree on both counts. Groupon ascended to great heights in no time flat and fell just as quickly. I decided last summer that I’d bought my last Groupon and that I would delete my account once my remaining deals were used. Those Continue Reading →

Confounded Shaw

We’ve had Shaw internet and cable for many years. The only other option locally is Telus and frankly both businesses suck so even with all our moves, we’ve stayed with the devil we know. After reading about Shaw’s intention to start billing for overages in bandwidth use, I was trying to determine which High Speed plan we were using because on our bill it lists our High Speed Internet as $52. Online, it lists High Continue Reading →