The Bond I Never Expected

Film and television love to portray the Mother In Law as the impossible relationship. It is one that is always fraught with tension on screen. In reality, I was often surprised at how easy it was to get along with Dona. When my marriage ended early this year, she insisted we would always be family, no matter what, and that meant more than I knew. When she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in May Continue Reading →

Music, Memories, and a Muse

photo by Sarcasmo

On Friday, I found myself crying at the bus stop when “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” rotated into play. An odd song to trigger tears, right? But some of my readers may already know where this is going. Star C. Foster was the first person I became friends with online without ever having met her in person. We connected through Orkut then she invited me to Flickr. I followed her plublic blog, her LiveJournal, Continue Reading →


When I was quite young (maybe 5 or 6 years old), my mother took me along with some of our extended family to pick strawberries in the u-pick fields on the Saanich Peninsula. I couldn’t tell you which farm it was, but I do remember being handed an empty 4L ice cream pail and shown which berries were ripe and ready to pick. When I started, they all went into the bucket but as the Continue Reading →