Kiddo’s First Curse Word

Today, Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures blogged about accidentally teaching a curse word to her youngest. At the close of the post she asked, “Do you have a swearing story?” Oh, I have a doozy of a swearing story. And I can’t believe I haven’t blogged it before.


Today is Thanksgiving Monday and after a roller-coaster of first world problems┬álast week I thought it appropriate to give thanks for a few important things: My country — as much as I complain about the systems we have in place (political, financial, social…) and how broken they are, we’re still incredibly lucky to be in this country. We are free to complain about our problems and, more importantly, we are free to participate in the Continue Reading →

Not So Amusing

I am writing this in response to This American Life asking for people to call in with their stories about amusement parks this week. As a Canadian, I didn’t think it was appropriate (and I don’t know that the toll-free number will work cross-border) so I am writing it out instead. I don’t “do” amusement parks. I love them — I love the lights and the sounds and the garish displays — but most of Continue Reading →