Kilmansegg rhymes with leg

One of my tasks at work is handling the damaged books (we get a lot), directing them to the librarians whose task it is to decide whether we replace, repair or discard a given item. This week, I found a gem: Miss Kilmansegg and her precious leg: a golden legend. Published circa 1870 the story tells the tale of a young woman whose greed is so great that when she loses her leg in an Continue Reading →

Lessons from Lessig

Lawrence Lessig is a name I’ve heard over the years but until recently, I hadn’t listened to what he had to say. Now that I have, I just want to point everyone to listen to this man. First up is Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity (2004). Available free (under appropriate Creative Commons licensing) it should be read by everyone who consumes or creates Continue Reading →