Variations on a Theme

In the world’s smallest surprise move ever, Telus announced this week that they too would be moving toward Usage Based Billing (UBB). Their argument? “It’s only fair that people pay for how much Internet capacity they use.” I’d buy that if they didn’t also say that most people only use 15GB out of the 75GB cap (only their High Speed Lite has a smaller cap at 13GB) — but there’s no rebate offered for unused Continue Reading →

Confounded Shaw Part Deux

When the issue of UBB first hit the fan, I nearly lost it. When it looked like it was going to go through, I started actually reading CRTC rulings. And then it quietly went away. But, I know Shaw better, and knew it would be back. And now it is. Last month, I logged into my Shaw Customer Care and checked my usage. It was all over the map and there was a large gap Continue Reading →

The Secret is in the Feeds

Wednesday, I tweeted this: And I got back responses from several people that surprised me ranging from not having a clue what RSS is to blatantly stating they had “no need for it.” No need? It’s like saying you have no need for reading! No need for information!¬†Inconceivable! Here’s the thing: RSS Feeds are my secret to staying on top of what’s funny, interesting, alarming, and heartwarming in amongst all the other debris on the Continue Reading →


In a span of roughly 6 months, I have received at least 5 email messages at my gmail account intended for someone else. It happens, right? But how would you feel if you knew it was a law firm who was inadvertently sharing client info with a complete stranger? I felt nauseous at the thought that this information was bleeding out and immediately replied: “Hi, just to let you know this email was not intended Continue Reading →

CRTC, UBB, Shaw & Me

First of all, I want to make it clear: I do not have an issue with users of almost any service paying a fair market value for what they use where those users are given a¬†reasonable¬†market choice. However, what the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has done with it’s decisions surrounding wholesale internet service 1 (i.e. where a major market Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Bell Canada resells service to a regional or Continue Reading →

Confounded Shaw

We’ve had Shaw internet and cable for many years. The only other option locally is Telus and frankly both businesses suck so even with all our moves, we’ve stayed with the devil we know. After reading about Shaw’s intention to start billing for overages in bandwidth use, I was trying to determine which High Speed plan we were using because on our bill it lists our High Speed Internet as $52. Online, it lists High Continue Reading →

Social Aggregating

As you know, I’m all over “social networking” — Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Delicious, etc. — but there’s a new(ish) breed of sites trying to put themselves in the same category that can barely hide their primary goal: aggregating data. Gowalla was the first of these I’d heard about, thanks to Packrat, the stupidly addictive game I play on Facebook, which is by the same parent company. In fact, I have an account on Gowalla, Continue Reading →