Filling in the Detail

I’ve just returned from a week spent at the BC Federation of Labour Convention. It was at times mentally and emotionally draining, so I took my breaks alone, where possible, to recharge. Since we had limited time most days and since the weather was soggy for all but our last day in Vancouver, I kept my lunch breaks to the food court near the convention hall. The hallways leading between the hotels and the convention hall Continue Reading →

May Day

It’s May first and I am home sick (I’m not really that sick, but Kiddo is, so I stayed home to look after her) and I am thinking about the duality of May Day celebrations. On one side is Beltane with its phallic maypole and celebrations of “coming together” (marriage & making babies) with parades and feasts. On the other is International Worker’s Day  (in Canada we celebrate on Labour Day instead), celebrating worker organization Continue Reading →

Of Boats, Tweets and Education

This weekend, in case you missed it, marked the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. It also made James Cameron a bunch more money thanks to Tinanic 3D box office returns and it revealed that many people had no idea that the movie had been based on a real event. While I’ll admit my initial response was a facepalm, I had to re-think that — especially after some discussion on Facebook that followed Shane’s blog post on Continue Reading →

My Nerd Past and Two Nerds

I’m sure I’ve blogged before about my early introduction to computers but I can’t find the posts so… back in grade 9 (1983 for those keeping track) I decided to check out the Computer Club that had started at school. The science teachers had set up an ad-hoc computer lab in a room where they stored the big rolls of craft paper. If I remember correctly, the room held a mix of computers. I am Continue Reading →

Of Blizzards Past

OK, really just one, and it wasn’t exactly a blizzard as much as a record-breaking dump of snow. The winter of 1996 was remembered for one thing, snow that totally shut down the city for several days. Mike and I were living in a crappy suite in a house on Ormond St., just behind Central School. I say crappy because when the house was converted into suites, they had one thermostat for the central heating Continue Reading →

Reading someone else’s mail

I have a crick in my neck tonight because I was actually too focused at work today.  For the past week I’ve been gradually transcribing a handwritten document from 1884 that outlines the numbers and occupations of Chinese in British Columbia at that time. It’s 14 pages long and the ink has long ago faded in several areas throughout. The first part of the document was reproduced in a Royal Commission report in 1885 and Continue Reading →