Rebuilding my Routine

When I moved from the house to the apartment, my fitness regimen fell apart, even though I had worked so hard to build that habit by doing the fitness study in the early months of 2015. I made excuses for a while and then I just developed different habits. When Pokemon Go first launched in 2016 I was walking 5-10km per day now it gets me out of the house every day but I am Continue Reading →

Winter Spa-at-Home

I tend to forget the whole pamper-yourself thing, but if I ever do indulge it’s usually in the summer. However, winter is when I find the cold makes my skin itchy, and those extra layers of socks and scarves make me sweat in places I wouldn’t otherwise, and there is lots more about winter, even in wet Victoria, that can make a person just plain cranky and miserable. So, I started searching for “Winter Spa” Continue Reading →

Morning Exercise

Today was the third day of the new schedule and I’ve done three different yoga video routines. I started with the Kripalu Yoga: Gentle DVD. I’ve been doing this routine for many years on and off — I had it on VHS and it was my introduction to Yoga. I love the beginner-level transitions, clear explanations, and with three people they show variations for most poses. It’s a half hour long — there’s a second portion that adds Continue Reading →

Eye Aye

So, since November, I’ve had an unwelcome bump on my left eyelid. Sometimes more visible than others. I had this before on the right eyelid, and it eventually went away. The left one, not so much. While I refer to it as a stye, technically it is called a chalazion — it is a cyst caused by a blocked oil gland in the eyelid (blepharitis). Basically the best way to treat it is preventative. Unfortunately Continue Reading →

Slow Progress

A little over a month ago, I set myself the goal to try to be more positive — I even came up with a mantra “Be present, be patient, be calm, be open, be thankful, move on.” That worked on and off for a few days. I should have written it down and posted it around me: at work, near my laptop, and especially in the car. Initially Shawn was also pointing out when I was slipping, but Continue Reading →

Balance, Habit and Accountability

I spend a fair bit of time thinking about goals, responsibility, and accountability. I need to spend a bit more time thinking about balance — and then spend time actually achieving some. Last week, Shawn and our friend Renée made a goal of 10 weeks toward better health. They created an open FB group that has taken off: “10 weeks of feeling fine” with the goals of: regular walking (30 min a day at least 3 days Continue Reading →


I had a new experience today: I saw a chiropractor for the first time. Just over a week ago, I leaned forward to grab something and felt something “snap” in my lower back. The pain was insanely intense; I barely slept and missed work the next day. I thought I was gradually getting better but every time I sat down, I felt like I couldn’t stay sitting. It hurt too much. Needless to say, it Continue Reading →

Snip Snip.

This time tomorrow I will be recuperating, following two quick little snips (or, since the Doctor said he’d likely be using a laser, maybe two light sabre swoooshes) through my fallopian tubes. Take that, ovaries! We knew long ago that Kiddo was to be an only child but it got to the point where an unwanted pregnancy at my age, while more rare, can also be risky and I just wanted to reduce that risk. Continue Reading →


I find it by accident, not during a routine check, not that I am very vigilant about those checks, even though at my age it is prudent. Instead I am changing into sleepwear when I notice a raised area. Lifting and checking, sure enough, there is definitely something there that hadn’t been there recently (I may not do the pharmacy-poster check, but I am no stranger to my body). My husband confirms it is an Continue Reading →

Happy Dance

A week ago, Shawn, Kiddo and I took part in a Dance Walk downtown. It was silly but fun. On Friday night, we went to Lucky Bar for a Daft Punk tribute show (well, Kiddo didn’t, owing to the fact that it was a bar) and danced in a more typical environment. I used to spend hours and hours in dance clubs and while some things have changed (guys were as likely to be out Continue Reading →