Missing Halloween

This year, I will not be home for Halloween. I can’t remember that ever happening before so I’m not sure how to anticipate it. I will be at a convention in Vancouver, heading over on Saturday, returning the following Friday. Mike and Kiddo will be staying here so she won’t miss out on Trick-or-Treating, especially as she only has a few years left before it becomes “kid stuff.” At least I was able to make Continue Reading →

DIY Pumpkin Hairband

Many years back, I bought a cheap orange hairband with green leaves and a bit of ribbon for vine. I get compliments every year when I wear it to work as it has become my default costume, along with an orange t-shirt. Even when I bought it I thought, “Geez. This would be really easy to make.” This year when Kiddo asked for her own, I put my theory to the test. I dug through Continue Reading →

Halloween Approaches…

It’s October… Halloween month… and I am clueless as to what costume I should wear.  Suggestions welcome but bear in mind, if it contains the word “sexy” it’s not going to be high on my list; higher would be comfy. I once went to work in pajamas for Halloween just cause it was comfy. I have to have a costume this year because we are hosting a party — family-friendly with Kiddo running the kidzone in the basement. Continue Reading →