Poetry Month Random Haiku

I wanted to write a few haiku but didn’t have anything in mind so, using the Creative Random Word Generator, I got these three words: fare, mud, and rash, and wrote these three haiku: without any coins I can’t ride the bus today: exact fare only   underfoot we crush blades of grass into the mud building a shortcut   suddenly, red welts in patches across her skin the rash, a warning     Photos Continue Reading →

Haiku Trio

April 8-9-10 Haiku for poem-a-day; a summary of my last three days: meeting with my peeps history and future thoughts as libraries change yard sales and road trip shopping for bargains all day retail therapy house clean, friends arrive sushi, tea enjoyed by all wine and chat follow   [Bonus Haiku about the Kennedy Miniseries] Kennedy fam’ly American royalty History reframed

word soup

  Word soup is what my mother told me would happen if I kept talking so fast words jumbled up like a game of pickup sticks but more difficult to untangle. I hear word soup on the news and on those shows where pundits interrupt nonsense with poppycock I wonder what would happen if they were paid to listen instead of talk. Word soup infects the page too some authors even manage a nice thick Continue Reading →

Simple and not so

Two more poems April 4 & 5 April 4, “Simple” a dot represents the completion of a thought full stop.   April 5, “Intricate” (Haiku) intricate detail contradicts the medium artisan wrought iron  


Already, April seems to be a month for creating. First, I pledged to take part in the Not Without Poetry: Poem-a-day challenge — I jotted down a haiku yesterday and whipped one up tonight, to catch up. I suspect I will not be posting my poems every day (especially haiku) but do pledge to write them daily. Here are first two: April1: NASA Headline reads: Life found on moon of Saturn! Happy April Fools’ April2: Continue Reading →

Everything in seventeen syllables

If you’ve been reading along for any length of time, you’ll know I write haiku all the time. I write it about anything. Over the years I’ve entered (and won) haiku contests, I’ve written reviews in the format, and I’ve even collected a bunch into a book. I have plans for another book, too, but want to pitch that one to a publisher. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I can boil down anything into 17 syllables Continue Reading →