What is it about Mango?

Maybe I am showing my age, but when I hear whispers of “Mango…,” a part of my brain leaps to the SNL character played by Chris Kattan, the running gag being that the ambiguous character was irresistible to virtually everyone. The rest of my brain is simply saying “Eww,” because mango is not a fruit I enjoy. So when every other cask at this year’s Great Candadian Beer Festival turned out to be mango-something-or-other, I Continue Reading →

Back to the Beer Fest

I missed the Great Canadian Beer Fest last year — Shawn and I couldn’t justify the cost and didn’t want to volunteer — and this year I decided I would buy two tickets and worry about who to take later. That was a mistake; while I did eventually find a friend to come along, they were sick today. (Sadness!). I debated a long time what I should do. Eventually I decided to just go — Continue Reading →