Flash Fiction – Vegas

I was going through my draft posts and found this one from September 2011, just the first paragraph of a short story. I decided to finish it quickly today — I gave myself 20 minutes. The tale below is the result. ————————- This week, I searched the word “night” and this shot of the Vegas Strip jumped out at me…. here goes…   Looking down at the throng of people and never-ending stream of cars, Continue Reading →

Fiction: Peggy and Dave

The photo was tucked into the back pages of an earmarked copy of Leaves of Grass. It was not the sort of thing that Susan had expected to find among her Mother’s belongings but then this weekend had been full of little revelations. As she looked at the photo, she recognized a much younger version of her mother. Margaret wasn’t in the center of the photo, she was standing back, partly obscured, but smiling. Susan Continue Reading →

Audio Inspiration

Whatever happens with Undead through NaNoWriMo and beyond, I would like to, at some point, record an audio version. As you know, I listen to a lot of audio through the week at work; today I went browsing on the Internet Archive and found a lovely little fantasy short story by James Patrick Kelly called “Painting the Air.” It’s recorded in two parts and you can listen to them both here: “Painting the Air” Part Continue Reading →

Mid-Week Flash Fiction

The title of this photo is “Big Buddha is watching you” and I found it by just random chance wanders through Creative Commons on Flickr…. a little over 100 words in lieu of Friday’s Flash Fiction. —+— The boy and his father looked at the big Buddha. When the boy started to speak, his father raised his finger to his lips, “shhh.” The boy stared into the the Buddha’s half-open eyes and wondered just how Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday: The Golden Lion

I searched the word “prince” but found this photo next to a photo of a Prince Albert pub sign; I decided it would be my inspiration today. Following up on my last Flash Fiction Friday, I have tried not naming the protagonist which was surprisingly challenging for me. Walking the six blocks from the train station, the woman did not know what to expect. How many times had her father told her, “you can never Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction Friday

Decided to find a prompt by typing a word into Flickr’s advanced image search to find a photo for inspiration. Here’s what I found for “ribbon”; following the photo is my short-short story. Feedback appreciated…. Stacked up like that, the ribbons looked impressive. Rebbecca felt pride for the work she had completed with her own hands, sewing late into the evening, her fingers pricked so many times they no longer bled. She carefully folded the Continue Reading →