Feliz Navidnachos

As a kid, Kentucky Fried Chicken was part of our Christmas tradition — a big bucket of greasy chicken was our lunchtime treat. It’s been a long time since KFC chicken seemed appealing to me; it always smells fantastic but I just can’t enjoy it anymore. Except for one item: popcorn chicken. Once in a while, if I crave KFC, that’s what I reach for. Today, we were debating lunch and we had settled on Continue Reading →

Wrapping it up!

Once the shopping is done, the wrapping begins…. and as trends go, it seems we’ve been moving away from dollar-store-gift-bags with tissue and back to more creative ideas. Here’s the latest decorative trends for wrapping; it seems to be about the embellishments. Of course most of those depend on paper; while I make fabric gift bags, Silk Road Tea is among the places where you can buy Furochic pretty fabric squares based on furoshiki, traditional Continue Reading →

Retro Festive Gaming

I never would have picked Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman as the focus for a video game but in 1984 Quicksilva Ltd. released this simple platform game for the ZX Spectrum 48K in the UK and the Commodore 64 in North America. The instructions are sparse: Run around the garden paths and collect snow, clothes, toys, etc, and ice (to prevent melting) and build a snowman. Eat to keep yourself awake, and collect goodies to earn Continue Reading →

Snowflake Crafts

Poking around Pinterest you can find all sorts of ways to make snowflakes — paper, popsicle sticks, beads, cotton swabs, coffee fliters, pasta, yarn….. the list seems endless. Basically if you can craft with it, there’s a way to make a snowflake. I’ve tried a lot of techniques over the years (like the pipe cleaner ones to the right) — I have a thing about snowflakes — but many don’t end up looking like snowflakes; Continue Reading →

Dollar Store DVDs

Once in a while, I check the DVD bins at various dollar stores, because you never know what you might find. They’re not always a dollar, sometimes $2 or even $4 but I’m usually only willing to risk a couple of bucks on something so unloved it ended up there. In November, I happened across a whole bin of Christmas-themed DVDs at Dollarama. Most were easy to leave behind but I pulled out two that Continue Reading →

When you love Christmas this much

When you love Christmas this much… they call you Mister. Mr. Christmas is an award-winning¬† documentary is “an offbeat, touching portrait of a man who has spent three decades turning his small Northern California home into a beautiful, towering Christmas display people travel across the country to see.”

Sweet Treats

Today’s festive flotsam is all about making candies and chocolates. Some of these I have made and some I have yet to try but they all seem simple. The first one is my own “last minute candy making” design. Festive Sprinkle Candies were dreamed up out of desperation but now are a regular player in my holiday sweets creations. I’ve also swapped the colours of the sprinkles or the candy melts for other times of Continue Reading →

Winter Spa-at-Home

I tend to forget the whole pamper-yourself thing, but if I ever do indulge it’s usually in the summer. However, winter is when I find the cold makes my skin itchy, and those extra layers of socks and scarves make me sweat in places I wouldn’t otherwise, and there is lots more about winter, even in wet Victoria, that can make a person just plain cranky and miserable. So, I started searching for “Winter Spa” Continue Reading →

Festive Flotsam Fast Forward!!

WhoOOps! Seems I have been busy and missed a whole bunch of festive flotsam! Here’s what I meant to post over the past few days: Dec 6: Pom Pom Garland I am guessing I missed this trend because I don’t have a small child at my side, but I love it! I love soft things on Christmas trees and I think a pom-pom garland in festive colours (or just in white to look like little Continue Reading →

Craft Fair Season

It’s actually been craft fair season for about a month already — the early fairs start on the heels of Halloween, and peak in late November. Wearing my Creative Miscellany hat, I do a couple of craft fairs a year, typically, including the one at work which is limited to staff. Having done my fair share of craft fairs as a vendor now, I am used to the drill. I have a checklist to follow Continue Reading →