Goodbye Dale

It’s been a week now and I still can’t really believe it. My brother had a heart attack on the 10th of May and while his heart was repaired, complications ultimately led to his death. I’ve thought about a lot of deaths — anticipating my parents’, imagining the loss of friends, considering my spouse’s when I was married, even thinking about my own. Of all the deaths I’ve ever considered, Dale’s was one scenario I Continue Reading →

The Bond I Never Expected

Film and television love to portray the Mother In Law as the impossible relationship. It is one that is always fraught with tension on screen. In reality, I was often surprised at how easy it was to get along with Dona. When my marriage ended early this year, she insisted we would always be family, no matter what, and that meant more than I knew. When she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in May Continue Reading →

Low-key Valentine’s Day

Ever since we’ve been together, Mike and I have weathered some pretty weird wrenches thrown into our Valentine’s day celebrations — everything from food poisoning/flu to financial emergencies to babysitting a parent following surgery to the death of a close friend — so a couple of years ago we decided to call it quits on planning anything for February 14th.┬áThis year, I got the food poisoning out of the way on Tuesday night (and will Continue Reading →

Christmas evening.

Christmas went well this year. We didn’t leave the house but hosted two gatherings: my Mom and Aunt in the morning and a houseful of Mike’s side of the family plus two friends in the afternoon and for dinner. Initially, we had planned to take the family out for dinner — we’d made a reservation at a local hotel restaurant — but ultimately decided to think “outside the box” and set up a dining area Continue Reading →

Cthulhu and other assorted distractions

Friday evening was the much-anticipated HP Lovecraft Birthday Celebration Cabaret night at which Mike’s big fiberglassed wings made their debut. The evening was entertaining — not quite our “thing” but not so far out of the comfort zone that we wanted to bolt either. Over the course of three hours there was a (mock) virgin sacrifice, poetry and story readings, songs, trivia and costume contests, cake and a short film showing (AM1200). The audience was Continue Reading →