Five Ways to Lose Friends and Followers

I am a very active user of social media and I add, follow, hide, and unfollow people all the time. I am constantly adjusting my wall or feed depending on the service. Twitter is probably the easiest to manage and Google+ still hasn’t become popular enough to warrant much tweaking. Facebook however, requires constant babysitting. In some cases, it is Facebook’s internal fiddling as they tweak the interface subtly or not-so-subtly with increasing frequency. In Continue Reading →

Donor Status: No Match.

Yesterday, news outlets teased us with Facebook’s plan to announce a change that would SAVE LIVES. We speculated about it, having fun at Zuckerberg’s expense and promptly forgot about it. This morning the annoucement was made: Zuck was encouraging everyone to add their organ donor status to their info, alongside their relationship status and other vital stats. I feel like someone needs to take Zuck aside and say, “Oh, honey. No,” because it’s not going Continue Reading →

Facebook, your days are numbered.

Again, I find myself cursing not only the evil, evil ways of Facebook but also myself for still using the service. As I described it earlier today, I feel like Facebook is that chair you keep around that was sooooo comfortable when you first bought it but now as the springs poke through and the arms are threadbare, you just keep lumping on cushions and throws so that you forget what’s underneath it all. One Continue Reading →

The Exodus Begins…

…and I couldn’t be more amused. Apparently Mike and I are not alone in coming to the conclusion that Facebook has taken a sharp turn to the Dark Side (and not in a good way). It’s as though the sharp turn was a jolt that woke everyone up (like the van-crash, Inception-style!). So far two people from my friends list have completely deactivated their accounts (whether permanently or not, I don’t know yet) and post Continue Reading →

Forgoing Facebook

Friday I decided to logout of Facebook at work* and try to not check it. I knew  it had become a habit but, wow, was I surprised by the numbers. I kept track between 9 am and 3:30 pm of each time I consciously thought, “I should check Facebook,”: 8 times. Plus once when I thought about posting something there and once that I clicked on a short link from Twitter that was for a Facebook event Continue Reading →

We are all celebrities now

Like most people between 15 and 50, I share a lot online. Some, like this blog, is shared very consciously; some, like my Flickr stream, are more cumulative — one can easily create a stalker-friendly snapshot from the aggregate therein. Then there is Facebook. Sometimes I shudder at how much of “me” is out there — a few keystrokes in the search engine of your choice will find websites, social media accounts, and many, many Continue Reading →

Facebook Groups Transition

Remember when Facebook launched its new “groups” function and everyone panicked because suddenly people could be added to groups the same way they could be tagged in photos — by other people, without prior permission. Yeah, it kinda sucked. Stranger still, the old groups still continued to exist, even though they’d long been eclipsed in usefulness by Facebook pages. In fact, I’ll bet you still have a bunch of groups linked to your profile that Continue Reading →

Why I Love the New Facebook Pages

I cannot believe it but I actually feel the need to praise Zuckerberg’s Army for the complete redesign to their Pages interface. Being able to switch to “use Facebook as page” makes it easier for me to share information with my audience and I couldn’t be happier. I am admin for several pages and the new interface makes it simple to cycle through my various “identities” without losing my mind in much the same way Continue Reading →