So following my rabbit dream post, and on the heels of two friends asking me about smoothies, I decided to gather all my smoothiejune posts, tidy them up, and add some new content — information as well as new recipes. I wrote for most of Sunday, some of Monday and wrapped it up last night — about 12,000 words total. I also spent time Monday designing the cover. I still have to manage all the Continue Reading →

Choosing What I Read

While I have forgotten the book that triggered it, I will never forget the feeling of immense freedom when I first realized after graduating university I would no longer be “forced” to finish any book I didn’t enjoy. When the epiphany hit, I threw the book across my room and didn’t pick it up for a couple of days — I just smiled at it sitting there against the wall as I thought, “Life is Continue Reading →


We’ve been running a free promo of Pin It to Profit and there’s still a few hours left if you want to grab it — if you do, we would really love to know what you think.┬áIf Pinterest isn’t your thing, maybe you could use a primer on home staging. After a lot of trouble-shooting, I finally managed to upload the files for Home Staging in a Hurry to the Kindle store. It’s bargain priced Continue Reading →

everything ebook

After promoting the Kindle app in the last post, I also wrote a piece for Life as a Human about the Ebook Brown Wrapper Revolution (hint: guilty pleasures are gaining ground) that was published this morning and our most recent episode of Those DeWolfes Podcast is All About Ebooks: If you’re curious about our Pinterest ebook, Pin It to Profit, but not sure about spending your hard earned cash, we have a few copies Continue Reading →

A whole lot of books

On the weekend, I went to the public library, wandered through the craft and garden books as usual, gathering inspiration off the shelves, and then as I was browsing, a title in the entrepreneur section caught my eye: Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead. I started reading it Sunday evening and so far? It’s on the mark — pretty much the “self esteem and marketing bootcamp” I’d been searching for. When I Continue Reading →