DECK is a four letter word

Last weekend, we started work on waterproofing the deck. Great idea except that about 25% of the deck was hiding rot underneath. UGH. Thankfully we had friends to help. The rot meant gutting and rebuilding before we could get to anything else, which put us about a half a day behind. We got a fair bit done before everyone ran out of steam then the next morning Shawn and I went at it again. Wednesday Continue Reading →

Let there be LIGHT!

Our house now has more light in two rooms that desperately needed it: the kitchen and the bathroom. In the meantime, we solved what we thought would be an expensive electrical witch-hunt1 in the midst of flipping every breaker and discovered we also have a fair bit of room left on the panel for renovations-to-come! For the bathroom, the problem was the area over the toilet — a dark little nook that doesn’t get any Continue Reading →

Festive Sprinkle Candies

Need something super-simple for the last minute? Get thee to Michaels (or check your cupboards if you’re like me) and pick up the following: Jar of sprinkles (a.k.a. jimmies; I used a mix of Christmas colours: red, white & green) — $2 or $3 Bag of white (vanilla) Wilton Candy Melts (or other light colour) — about $4 plastic candy mold (shape of your choosing) — $2 You can have these done in no time Continue Reading →

DIY Pumpkin Hairband

Many years back, I bought a cheap orange hairband with green leaves and a bit of ribbon for vine. I get compliments every year when I wear it to work as it has become my default costume, along with an orange t-shirt. Even when I bought it I thought, “Geez. This would be really easy to make.” This year when Kiddo asked for her own, I put my theory to the test. I dug through Continue Reading →