ALS, Ice, and Viral Video

What has made the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so popular? It was a simple suggestion: they started by challenging celebrities and people who one might not expect to be OK with looking silly on camera to either donate to the cause or dump a bucked of ice water on their heads. Many┬ácelebrities ended up doing both. Charlie Sheen dumped $10K in cash on his head. Patrick Stewart used the ice for his whiskey and wrote Continue Reading →

From the deep…

OK, so, thanks to Chair for sharing this but it’s now freaking me out. I had no idea that cephalopods could leave the water for any amount of time… and this one, at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in San Mateo (just south of San Francisco) just walks out of the water like, “whatever,” to take out his garbage (a dead crab): If this does not freak you out and you’d like to welcome our new Continue Reading →


By the end of the day on Wednesday, there was over 20 cm of snow on the deck. Yesterday was cold but buses were running and aside from ice and snow on the ground it was a normal enough day. Last night, winds picked up and temperatures dropped and I was not looking forward to this morning. I left in a hurry which meant I didn’t see what Mike and Kiddo noticed when she left Continue Reading →