Contest Fatigue

Over the past year, I’ve run (and entered) a fair number of blog-based give-away contests. Entering is often as simple as leaving a comment but frequently there are “extra chances” of winning for sharing the contest out on Twitter, Facebook or another blog. Have you run any blog-based give-aways? I’d be curious to know how many entrants you had. I topped out with fewer than 20 on a Frugal Victoria give-away where I have nearly Continue Reading →

Crafty Give-away

I got crafty today after I did some overdue mending including a pretty rough job of darning a couple of holes in the sleeves of my favourite sweater. First, I made some goodie-bags for Kiddo’s upcoming birthday party. I really didn’t want to stuff another batch of flimsy plastic bags and with the serger, it’s pretty easy to stitch them together. Next, I made some mini-Huggitz dolls to put in the goodie bags at Kiddo’s Continue Reading →

Stranded Summer Fiction

Well, neither Mike nor I won the Monday Magazine Summer Fiction contest that we entered last month so, as promised, I am printing it here for your amusement/annoyance. Mike also posted his entry over on his blog. Or you can go read the winning entries instead. (Oddly there were only 34 entries which seems low, especially for a city full of writers like Victoria, and it means ThoseDeWolfes made up almost 6% of the entries. Continue Reading →