Giving Back

Sometime in my early forties, I decided it was time for me to give back to the community. Victoria is my home, and since I have neither the patience nor the stomach for politics at the municipal level, I felt like I should start looking for a board on which to sit. While I was researching various boards with openings (there are a couple on which I’d dearly love to sit once I move on Continue Reading →

You can’t make this stuff up.

The best fiction is always based on fact and hooooooo-boy have I got some fiction-worthy events from the last few days. Bottom line: our neighbours are a problem. In theory they are leaving. In the meantime they are making it a challenge to live here. We’ve had problems with them blocking our driveway so last night, during my party, they tried to intimidate one of our guests who happened to be legally parked in front Continue Reading →

Blackwood Book Box

Yesterday’s wanders found us at Home Depot buying $30 in wood which, along with stuff we had around the house and a few hours hard work became the Blackwood Book Box: Like other book boxes and little libraries around the world, the idea is basically to share books and build community. There are a number of book boxes in Victoria, but there wasn’t one on our street. Everyone stops to look at Cthulhu anyway; now they can Continue Reading →

Seeking Spirituality

For those who have known me long enough, you’ll know that I was raised without any particular religious traditions. I tried going to Sunday School as a young child of 7 or 8, after being called out as a “heathen” at school but received an icy reception when it was clear I was there without parents* so I bailed on that idea. I returned to Christianity as a teen– drawn in by youth group that Continue Reading →

Last of the Single Screens

One of the albums that defined my tween-hood was Styx Paradise Theater. For those not familiar with it, it was a “concept album,” that is the songs collectively told a story. (If you aren’t familiar with the concept of an album, get off my lawn.) The story of Paradise Theater is one that has played out countless times in recent years: a once-great theatre falls on hard times and into decay. I spent hours listening to Continue Reading →

Of Green Fees and Grilled Cheese.

In the Victoria area there are more than a dozen easily accesible golf courses — a few more if you broaden the search to the entire CRD. They range from the ridiculously affordable (and relatively un-challenging) Henderson 9-hole course — just $8.50 for 9 holes, $14.60 if you want to do two rounds as your 18 — to the rather pricey Royal Colwood course where 18 holes will set you back $165 in peak season. Continue Reading →

The ebb tide continues

Since proclaiming that I was going to spend less time on social media and do other stuff it seems like everyone around me is doing the same. People who used to blog are back to blogging; people who never blogged are looking for a new outlet — one where they own and control the content, ads, and layout. Offline, the tide continues too. More people I know are learning new crafts or going back to old Continue Reading →

There is hope yet

I discovered recently where I find hope — hope that we, as humans, can still find ways to get along. I find it where-ever people come together to accomplish something beautiful or worthwhile such as… people spontaneously singing along to a song the UVic lip dub (and, hell, most of the college lip dubs) the final scene in the movie V for Vendetta (spoiler, duh) and in several other films (like that one about the boy Continue Reading →

We’re Just Fine.

I was in the midst of a post full of the little things that irk me about travelling to Vancouver (and the surrounding region) but frankly, I had a fine time, saw family, shopped, stayed in a lovely hotel, and (aside from some sinus congestion) we’re all perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone had a great Christmas and one local family has been sideswiped in a big way by karma. Please go read about Baby Molly Continue Reading →