December 15th Santa Claus vs The Devil

This post is supersized because the Mexican film Santa Claus, known in North America as Santa Claus vs. The Devil, is almost certainly one of the worst movies ever committed to film. First, Turner Classic Movies provides a great introduction to how the film came to America: Then watch the film (if you feel brave) in full: And finally, listen to this great Sci-Fi Film School podcast about it after:

December 13th Christmas for Misfits

Any fan of Rankin-Bass knows the story of the Island of Misfit Toys — many, many stories around Christmas seem to focus on the unwanted toys (like the Tangerine Bear) and trees (think about Charlie Brown’s twig tree) and other “products” surrounding the commercial celebration of the holiday. Here’s another two — Santa’s Surprise, about broken toys, complements of the toy department of Woodward and Lothrop (1947); and The Luckiest Christmas Tree Ever, courtesy of Continue Reading →

December 12th Royal Christmas Pudding

The Christmas pudding (or plum pudding) that we are familiar with today dates back to the Victorian era (and much earlier if you count all the variations) but there is one recipe, historically sourced, that purports to be the secret recipe of the British Royal Family. I’m very tempted to try it. If any of you give it a shot, will you let me know how it turns out?

December 10th Santa Claus Funnies

Santa Claus had his own comics in the Golden Age as part of Dell’s Four Color series! Here’s an issue of Santa Claus Funnies from 1944. Of course, comics have changed so much since that era, but there are still some fun things amid the carol music and morality tales; more than anything, this series reminds me of the British children’s annuals — like Rupert and Bimbo and so on.   BONUS FLOTSAM: A history Continue Reading →

December 9th Decopage Ornaments

Decoupage is a fancy word for basically gluing paper on things. In this lovely Russian video, a group of people are making decoupage ornaments. You don’t need to understand what they are saying to enjoy this short and pretty piece. Christmas Balls Decoupage Workshop from VISTAVIDEO on Vimeo. BONUS FLOTSAM: Here’s a few tutorials if you want to try making decoupage ornaments yourself check out Festive and Frugal, Old Father Christmas, and Christmas Notebook.

December 7th Crap from the Past

Crap from the Past is one of my favourite radio shows — every week, Ron “Boogiemeister” Gerber serves up a helping of the best/worst pop music in history. The Holiday episodes are amazingly bad (with a few gems scattered throughout). I highly recommend digging through the archives of this show but for now, here’s an episode from December 2005… don’t say I didn’t warn you! For reference… here’s the playlist SHOULDN’T HAVE GIVEN HIM A Continue Reading →