Confounded Shaw Part Deux

When the issue of UBB first hit the fan, I nearly lost it. When it looked like it was going to go through, I started actually reading CRTC rulings. And then it quietly went away. But, I know Shaw better, and knew it would be back. And now it is. Last month, I logged into my Shaw Customer Care and checked my usage. It was all over the map and there was a large gap Continue Reading →

Confounded Shaw

We’ve had Shaw internet and cable for many years. The only other option locally is Telus and frankly both businesses suck so even with all our moves, we’ve stayed with the devil we know. After reading about Shaw’s intention to start billing for overages in bandwidth use, I was trying to determine which High Speed plan we were using because on our bill it lists our High Speed Internet as $52. Online, it lists High Continue Reading →