About SmoothieJune

smoothiejune-coverSmoothieJune is more than a recipe book. I wrote it to look back at my month of smoothies and how it changed the way I start my mornings.

Over the month of June 2012, I tested 21 smoothies — one per workday — and blogged a review of each one. About half were good enough to be considered “keepers,” a few more could use some tweaking, and the rest shall never grace my kitchen again.

Overall, the experiment was a success. My two primary goals were to expand my smoothie repertoire and to learn how to create smoothies that would keep me from spending extra money (and ingesting empty calories) at coffee break. I would certainly say I managed both of those goals. The unexpected bonus was weight loss, which I managed to maintain as smoothies took their place as my breakfast staple.

SmoothieJune will be published in September 2015. Please contact me for an advance review copy or an interview: smoothiejune@thosedewolfes.com


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