Disruption in Space-Time

Well, maybe not so dire. But shifts and changes are afoot. After a lot of years of entangled and co-hosted websites, Shawn and I spent several hours over a few days earlier this month and split out the hosting of our websites. The result should be no different on your end — it’s all behind the scenes stuff; digital redirection — but if there is something you cannot find, give me a shout. Unfortunately, one Continue Reading →

Stripping and Redressing

No, I haven’t taken up exotic dance; I realized in all my many site changes and redesigns, the one set of pages that has fallen out of synch is my personal site which, since about 2006, has been “Cheryl’s West Coast Life” with the magazine cover image map to one side. This is what the “writing” page looked like this morning: When I started thinking about rebranding my creative & writing image, I knew that Continue Reading →

My first Beerfest

I’ve never been a big beer-drinker. When I grew my drinking legs it was with the help of cider — strong English cider — and gradually expanded to hard liquor based cocktails. I completely skipped beer and wine. In the last few years, though, I started tasting beers that Mike bought and sometimes even drinking a bottle. At my birthday this year, I drank beer all evening and never really felt a buzz. So when Continue Reading →

Prest-o Change-o

If you aren’t reading this from a news reader you’ll notice I redecorated. Procrastinating, yes, but the re-theming has been on my mind for a while. So here it is! What do you think? I like the ability to see multiple posts on the front page and the dual sidebars. You may notice a few more changes over the coming weeks as I fine-tune things (first thing that had to go was the bright orange Continue Reading →

Starting from Zero

One of the domains I own, and have for a long time, is innerharbour.com (here’s a 2001 screenshot — man that page looks positively Jurassic now). Currently, subsites include my Unofficial Guide to Victoria and my new companion site, Around Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It’s also where Frugal Victoria started (as frugal.innerharbour.com) and since that site has now been sold, I am feeling a little… not quite empty… but I imagine it’s a bit like watching Continue Reading →


January has suddenly become deadline month for Those DeWolfes Creative. We have several contracts in the air, writing work, and WordCamp (in ten days!!!), plus we plan to offer the first of our ongoing training sessions in partnership with DTI Computers this month.

FreelanceCamp a Success

Yesterday, we gathered at InHub Coworking with about 40 other freelancers to kick off the inaugural FreelanceCamp Victoria. The small group had lots of ideas and lots of information to share — a dozen people pitched sessions and we mapped them all out, based on who needed the biggest room! Session topics ranged from freelancer finances to SEO strategies (see photo, right). Unfortunately, not everyone could go to every session but we tried our best Continue Reading →

Search Exclusions

Many thanks to @linuxchiq on Twitter for sharing a post from Librarian By Day which is focused on a TED talk by Eli Pariser about the danger of “personalized web results.” Here’s the talk: If you’re like me, you probably snapped to attention when the Eli showed the difference in two friends’ results for the same search on Google. In fact, I freaked out a little. I spend 99% of my web life logged in Continue Reading →

Creative Commons Image Basics

Kiddo wanted to know how to add an image to her blog and it was a question that came up over and over at WordCamp, too so I decided to pull together a basic tutorial. It’s a bit long-winded but I hope you find it helpful! While it isn’t completely intuitive, Flickr offers a powerful search tool for finding Creative Commons images. One option is to browse CC images: http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ The other is to search Continue Reading →

WordCamp Victoria 2011

Got the word this morning that we will be speaking at the next WordCamp Victoria in January 2011.  I’m actually really excited! We had such a good time last May, especially in contrast with DrupalCon — both were about getting the most out of your blog/cms and yet Drupal was full of “experts” both real and imagined but WordCamp was full of people who loved the platform and just wanted everyone to jump in and join Continue Reading →