Comfort Zone: Exit, this way

While I have greatly expanded my comfort zone in recent years, there are still a lot of things that exist well outside that zone. Traveling to another province to take in a two day music festival full of many hip-hop acts I’d never heard of before this weekend, well that was outside my zone. Luckily, Juggalos are a very welcoming group and that’s what this festival was: the Canadian Juggalo Weekend — the first of Continue Reading →

Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend

This weekend, I had two events in one to attend: the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association Conference and the Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend. It has been a whirlwind of labour learning in a village that has become my favourite place on the Island. (Yesterday, I found myself wondering, “What’s the catch?” presuming it must be something like a Shirley Jackson style lottery.) I arrived early and took in some guided tours of the museum and Continue Reading →

Cheers, Radisson!

Friday, we snuck off to the mainland for a quick visit with family. Since it was post-Christmas we weren’t too worried about booking much in advance. We often stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels but a couple of times, we’ve stayed at the Radisson in Richmond.   We love the location (right across from Aberdeen Centre) and almost everything else about the hotel (including a very nice fitness room). The big problem? Sleep Number beds. Continue Reading →

Road Trip Fever

We made it through a whole summer without a road trip — well, one very rushed day-trip to Richmond but nothing compared to previous years’ travels. I find I feel like something is missing — like Kiddo can’t possibly be going to school on Tuesday already because we haven’t really left the city. In part,  we can’t go too far because of our cat’s health (he has a thyroid condition requiring medication twice a day Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

I realize I’ve been remiss in filling you in on my week in Vancouver. I was there to attend the CUPE National Convention — a gathering every two years (the location changes each time) of representatives from every CUPE local in Canada. This year, it was held at the Vancouver Conference Centre West (the building on the left of this image):

Foggy Memories Revisited

As a kid, I made the trek to Alberta and back several times with my family. As an adult, I went back once more on the road and once more by air. The memories I thought were set pretty clearly turned out to be foggy and mis-remembered. Once in a while, something would leap out of the landscape at me, just the shape of a mountain or a building or monument. At one point I Continue Reading →


A Freakonomics post this week introduced me to the concept of the Travel Time Budget, Perhaps a product of some primeval need to balance exploration and conquest with hanging around the cave and vegging, the universal TTB is said to drive us all to spend about 1.1 hours per day on the go, regardless of nationality, culture, economic system, or era. I’d also argue that we each have a built in timer for needing to Continue Reading →

Drawn to the Sea

Whenever I travel, I am reminded of one thing above all others, I love the Pacific Ocean. I need to live near the ocean because, without it, I feel out of place. Even when I lived in England, although I was near the Atlantic Ocean, I missed the Pacific — enough that it was the one thing I asked of my Dad when I returned to Victoria, to drive along Dallas road with the windows Continue Reading →


We had originally been planning to go to Vancouver this weekend but plans changed when Kiddo got a birthday invite for Saturday afternoon. A quick look at other options put the Saltspring Island Apple Festival on our radar (something I have been wanting to attend for some time but since it falls so close to our anniversary, we are usually doing other things).  We’ve also been saying we need to get over to Saltspring to Continue Reading →

West Coast Weekend

Just as “no one should go to Victoria without seeing Butchart Gardens,” no trip to the Island is really complete until you’ve seen at least part of the Pacific Rim National Park which includes the West Coast Trail (not for the faint of heart), the Broken Islands Group (an archipelago off the southern tip of Ucluelet) and Long Beach — 22 km of coastal beaches and 12 km of trails. I have vague memories of Long Beach Continue Reading →