Read Harder

The last reading challenge I did was in 2015 — I didn’t come anywhere near completing the 52 books on that list and I found it frustrating to always try and fit what I read into that list but it did expose me to things I would not have otherwise selected. This year, I am going to dive into Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. It’s their fourth kick at the can. There are 24 categories Continue Reading →

Diversifying My Media

There are a lot of complaints about the lack of diversity in film. In part, this is because there is a cycle of creation and consumption and, basically, we need to be putting our money where our mouth is — if we demand these films, then we need to support them. So this year, I am going to make an effort to see 52 movies by women — an average of one a week. I Continue Reading →

Challenge (In)complete

I didn’t think I would actually finish the 2015 Reading Challenge, but I knew I would put a big dent in it and I have: 28 categories (30 if I finish those in progress). That’s pretty good, for me, especially considering I haven’t tagged any for multiple categories, even though I could have. Here’s the ones I finished, and the remaining two in progress that I hope to finish this week (I finished Trilby this Continue Reading →

Christmas Books

“Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw Great advice, Mr. Shaw. Books tend to be a very personal thing to give — I think you need to have a pretty good grasp of a person’s taste in reading before you can give them a book (and then wait nervously for their response). For children, it is a little easier because they have yet Continue Reading →

Poetry as Positivity Barometer

Through history, we’ve seen many examples of poets who do their best work when their life is at its darkest. However, there are just as many poems that are light and joyful or playful. What I have discovered about myself is that I will write poetry in almost any mindset — the nonsense poems come easiest when I am happier, and the creepy gothic style ramblings flow well when I am not so happy. However, Continue Reading →


Originating from Japanese, the word tsundoku is one of those words imported to English because we don’t have an equivalent. It basically means “book hoarding” but more specifically it is the habit of buying or collecting books and leaving them unread, often piled up in stacks on nightstands or other surfaces. Ah yes. I am very familiar with that practice and it is a big part of my justification for taking on the 2015 Reading Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge

As I mentioned in my post about goals for 2015, one of the things I will be working on is the 2015 Reading Challenge. The list started circulating on social media and a few friends jumped on board so I decided to go for it, but under my own terms. Anne even set up a group on Goodreads so we can discuss our progress. I’ve decided to allow myself to use a book to satisfy Continue Reading →

December Book Project

I’ve decided for December I want to keep the Blackwood Book Box stuffed with Christmas, Hanukkah, and other winter related books. I have a few on hand (there are a few in there now that I will pull out until December) but I need more. Do you have any you’d like to share with the community? Kids picture books, board books, story books; adult fiction books (those Christmas mystery or romance compilations that your aunt keeps Continue Reading →

I am familiar with that story

How many times have you stopped someone who was talking and said, “I’m familiar with that story,” or something similar? Or maybe not said anything but internally tuned out? I stop reading if an article seems too familiar or a movie gets into that predictable zone. I roll my eyes and talk back to the television when they run regular-as-clockwork “news” pieces — there was an earthquake somewhere on the globe? Let’s do a streeter Continue Reading →

Blackwood Book Box

Yesterday’s wanders found us at Home Depot buying $30 in wood which, along with stuff we had around the house and a few hours hard work became the Blackwood Book Box: Like other book boxes and little libraries around the world, the idea is basically to share books and build community. There are a number of book boxes in Victoria, but there wasn’t one on our street. Everyone stops to look at Cthulhu anyway; now they can Continue Reading →