National Podcasting Day Podcast

Just squeaking in for Canadian National Day of Podcasting with one of my very irregular podcasts here at Flotsam & Jetsam — this is episode 6 (since 2010). At about 8 p.m. I suddenly realized I had forgotten to record an episode. I posted my “ACK!” on Facebook and Anth suggested I podcast about Dizraeli, the musician that I discovered through stalking what he was listening to last night. So I did: (If you Continue Reading →

Library Podcasts

In all the hours I’ve spent listening to podcasts, it never crossed my mind to seek out library-based or related shows. I’ll be listening to some of these in coming weeks and maybe report back on those that shine. Library of Congress — includes podcasts on the National Book Festival, Digital Preservation, and Music and the Brain British Library — covers subjects from tours to talks to exhibitions Seattle Public Library — highlights author readings Continue Reading →

Ticking Tasks off the Big List

As usual, my 4 day weekend meant it felt like less than usual was accomplished because there was a fair bit of slacking involved. When I write it all down, though, lots got done. And, since I did a poor job of prioritizing, I’ll call it a productive weekend. Here’s what I intended to do: head up to Nanaimo with the family get some seeds planted do laundry reorganize kitchen cupboards to fit new dishes Continue Reading →

New and notable

While I am getting ready for WordCamp and trying to keep all the other balls in the air, I have been trying to procrastinate in a creative way — still producing stuff that is useful. Here’s what I did while avoiding other stuff this weekend: After watching Hobo with a Shotgun¬†late Friday night, I was reminded of Machine Girl which we found thanks to Netflix last fall. I wrote a combined review for both, since Continue Reading →

Check, check, aaaaand CHECK!

Crafting [check] I now have a stack of mug-mats (coaster-sized mini-quilts) for the Libraries Craft Fair on Wednesday and packaged about 50 sets of Reindeer Noses and Holly Berries (30 for Kiddo’s class and teachers; the remainder for the craft fair) and I managed to extract a whole lot of my stock that I’ve been ignoring for some time. One big bagful will be going in to work tomorrow. Baking [check] Many thanks to Kiddo Continue Reading →

So, whaddaya think so far?

This weekend, Mike and I recorded episode 5 (and 6) of Those DeWolfes’ Podcast and I posted episode 5 last night. Now that we have a good start, I’d love some more feedback from listeners. Just to make it easy for those of you who haven’t listened yet, I am embedding all of our current podcasts after the “read more” jump — I don’t expect anyone to listen to all of them (though you can Continue Reading →

Podcasting Groove

Mike and I have now finished recording our fourth Those DeWolfes Podcast (episode 3 for those keeping track) but today marks the release of Episode 2 — we are committing to a one-per-week release schedule and aiming for Tuesdays which Mike feels is “the nerdiest day of the week.” We’ve gotten into a good recording groove, too. I can set everything up in about 5 minutes, tidy up the recording in about 15-20 more, followed Continue Reading →


After much talking about doing a podcast, Mike and I finally sat down on Monday night and recorded our “pilot episode” — of course, I had not counted the two we’d done long ago (including “Weasels,”¬†recorded in 2006) — so now I am considering this our “reboot” series. In Episode 0.5 we discuss the state of social media — touching on instability (ACID vs. BASE) , nymwars, and where things will be in three years Continue Reading →

Can you spare an audio clip?

Last night, Mike and I recorded the first episode (0.5 — beta version) of the Those DeWolfes Podcast and now we need an opener. I’m looking for a number of people to say “Those DeWolfes” — any way you’d like: whisper it, yell it, give it your craziest accent, replace a famous brand name in a slogan, say it like we owe you money or we saved your bacon. If you can record a clip Continue Reading →

My Nerd Past and Two Nerds

I’m sure I’ve blogged before about my early introduction to computers but I can’t find the posts so… back in grade 9 (1983 for those keeping track) I decided to check out the Computer Club that had started at school. The science teachers had set up an ad-hoc computer lab in a room where they stored the big rolls of craft paper. If I remember correctly, the room held a mix of computers. I am Continue Reading →