Comfort Zone: Exit, this way

While I have greatly expanded my comfort zone in recent years, there are still a lot of things that exist well outside that zone. Traveling to another province to take in a two day music festival full of many hip-hop acts I’d never heard of before this weekend, well that was outside my zone. Luckily, Juggalos are a very welcoming group and that’s what this festival was: the Canadian Juggalo Weekend — the first of Continue Reading →

Rock Legend up Close

Well, not too close but the floor tickets to Alice Cooper let me get about thirty feet from the stage. Could have pushed in closer but I was pretty comfortable and had a great view where I was. I started to complain about standing for two hours then remembered who was on stage.  Alice Cooper is the same age as my mom. I’m not a superfan, but  2016 seems to be taking a lot of Continue Reading →

Ten Songs

Tumblr is full of Q&A posts and quite often I am asked for my top 5 or 10 songs… so I decided to post a list here that I could share across platforms and find again later. Here are some of the tracks I would like to have on my bomb-shelter mix tape/mp3 player/subdermal implant; these are all songs that I can listen to on repeat (and have) and most of them I sing along Continue Reading →

Whoop Whoop!

A lot of my friends have been boggled by my recent obsession over Insane Clown Posse. I’ve weathered everything from raised eyebrows to concerned brow furrows to derisive laughter. Friends have expressed shock that I not only bought tickets, but went to the show —  let alone that I ended up squarely in the splash zone/mosh pit, soaked to the bone with Faygo soda. Frankly it was one of the best nights of my life. Continue Reading →

Sounds of the Season

Tired of the same eighteen Christmas songs (and Eight Crazy Nights)? Try some of these streaming playlists to change it up a little: The Celebration’s Starting — indie artists for new songs and arrangements of old favourites you might not have heard A Very Mad Men Christmas — jazzy, retro, office party fun with cocktails in hand! Now that’s Relaxing R&B Christmas — the first of several R&B Christmas playlists that range across several decades. Continue Reading →

Music, Memories, and a Muse

photo by Sarcasmo

On Friday, I found myself crying at the bus stop when “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” rotated into play. An odd song to trigger tears, right? But some of my readers may already know where this is going. Star C. Foster was the first person I became friends with online without ever having met her in person. We connected through Orkut then she invited me to Flickr. I followed her plublic blog, her LiveJournal, Continue Reading →

Pop Culture or Cultural Appropriation?

Sooooooo, there’s been a heap of controversy over Avril Lavigne’s new video, “Hello Kitty.” I finally watched/listened and I didn’t hate the song. It’s not going to be a classic, but pop doesn’t need to be particularly well written, just catchy.* Of course only about half the complaints are about the music. The rest are about the video — specifically the 4 women all dressed the same who act as back up dancers/set dressing and Continue Reading →

December 25th Peaceful Wishes

Merry Christmas & peaceful wishes. Here are a few lovely and peaceful videos for Christmas Day…. Christmas Animation from on Vimeo. Corelli Christmas Concerto: Adagio from Voices of Music on Vimeo. Peace on Earth from anneli nilsson on Vimeo. Peace All Around from Top Drawer Creative on Vimeo.

National Podcasting Day Podcast

Just squeaking in for Canadian National Day of Podcasting with one of my very irregular podcasts here at Flotsam & Jetsam — this is episode 6 (since 2010). At about 8 p.m. I suddenly realized I had forgotten to record an episode. I posted my “ACK!” on Facebook and Anth suggested I podcast about Dizraeli, the musician that I discovered through stalking what he was listening to last night. So I did: (If you Continue Reading →

Feeling Mortal Today

Most days, I don’t think about death, not in a personal way at least, but I’m old enough now that people within a few years of my age are dying more regularly. Today, a celebrity, Adam Yauch has died at 47. While that’s a little older than me, I definitely consider him a peer. As one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys he helped bring rap to greater suburbia as a generation fought Continue Reading →