Retro Festive Gaming

I never would have picked Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman as the focus for a video game but in 1984 Quicksilva Ltd. released this simple platform game for the ZX Spectrum 48K in the UK and the Commodore 64 in North America. The instructions are sparse: Run around the garden paths and collect snow, clothes, toys, etc, and ice (to prevent melting) and build a snowman. Eat to keep yourself awake, and collect goodies to earn Continue Reading →

Testing, testing.

I thought it was time to roundup some cheers and jeers for web services and apps I’ve been testing out over the last few months. Some of these are web-only, some are browser-based (Chrome), and others are mobile (Android/iOS for my ASUS EE Transformer and/or iPhone). I download a LOT of free apps and will pay (either upgrade or right off the bat) for those apps that are most useful. Sometimes I would happily pay Continue Reading →

Curse You PopCap!

I just lost an hour of my evening to Zuma again. I hadn’t played it since the upgrade of our PS3 nuked the copy we had there… but then, PopCap went ahead and offered a free download to newsletter subscribers as a Thanksgiving or Black Friday or Cyber Monday gift. Sigh. (This is not an affiliate link; I get no coin for sharing… I am just sharing the procrastinatory love. It’s good until tomorrow even Continue Reading →

The ebb tide continues

Since proclaiming that I was going to spend less time on social media and do other stuff it seems like everyone around me is doing the same. People who used to blog are back to blogging; people who never blogged are looking for a new outlet — one where they own and control the content, ads, and layout. Offline, the tide continues too. More people I know are learning new crafts or going back to old Continue Reading →

Pee Ess Effing Three

If I read this in a novel or saw it in a movie I would say, “No way. Forget it. No way did that all happen.” I swear to you, though, that all of this happened. This is how we spent our Sunday evening… A few weeks ago, our PS3 — the hub of our media world — started to act a bit flaky. We’ve had it a little over a year and it was Continue Reading →

A Prediction

You know how every year there is one word or phrase that just makes you go insane with rage because the media will not shut up about it? I predict this year that phrase will be: the game layer The concept is that there is an aspect to modern life that mirrors game-play: collecting points or airmiles, 4square check-ins, bumping iPhones… to get a better idea, you can spend 12 minutes listening to this guy, Continue Reading →