Disney Deficiency

I’ve long been aware of a significant gap in my Disney filmography; I’ve never seen many of the “Disney Princess” films: Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, or Tangled. Kiddo was astonished at this fact and immediately put the Little Mermaid on to watch this morning. I’d seen Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella when I was young — along with other Disney kids’ movies like Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Bambi, but I Continue Reading →

Mother-Daughter Ear Piercings

A while ago, I promised Alice that when she was ready to get her ears pierced I would go with her. I asked her to do some research and she did — so did I — and we came to the same conclusion. We did not want to go to a mall store that used a piercing gun because the risk of infection is far greater. We also put out the ask on Facebook to Continue Reading →

Tech hand-me-downs

I wish I could say we were surprised when Kiddo lost her phone this week. She lost it on the bus and I phoned immediately to report it, but there’s been no sign of it. We pondered what to do about the situation because neither of us really wanted her to go without a phone for any significant amount of time — it’s how we keep in touch and allow her a lot more freedom Continue Reading →

Laser City Fun Birthday

  I’d always thought that laser tag was an amusing holdover from decades past and was surprised that anyone ever set foot in LaserCity Fun Centre on View St. Last fall, however, Kiddo was invited to a birthday party there so, in we went.  We weren’t surprised to find that the arcade games were all older than any kid at the party and that the place looked a little bombed-out but Kiddo had a great Continue Reading →

The Shuffle Begins

Back in April, Kiddo started sleeping in the basement — when we moved in, we built in a bed in a back room and shortly after her birthday, she claimed it. In August, we asked her if she would like to move her bedroom downstairs and we could use what is her bedroom for an office (which is what we had intended to use the other basement room for). Make sense? Initially she was weepy Continue Reading →

Single-serve Ice cream

A few months back, Kiddo attended a cooking-for-kids class; she learned some basic recipes for meals, snacks and desserts, one of which was how to make a single serving of ice cream using just a few ingredients plus a couple of zip-close bags. With the weather finally warming up, Kiddo was eager to give it a shot again but with non-dairy milk; I suggested the Coconut Dream and she went right to it. The recipe Continue Reading →

A thousand words

  “This!” Kiddo declared, her hands held out to frame her view of  trees silhouetted in the evening sky, “This is why I love being a night owl!” We had just come out of a parent-sponsored fun night at the school last Friday so Kiddo was already in a great mood but I was surprised at just how emphatic she was about the view, the trees and the sky. I quietly snapped the above photo Continue Reading →

Experimental Kitchen Night

sweet cabbage rolls

As you may recall, Kiddo declared herself vegetarian (pescetarian) some time ago and has persisted. Mike would be content with a vegetarian diet if Kiddo were willing to broaden her palate. So far, this has been the great challenge. Let me tell you: I am ridiculously bored of carrots and broccoli. Mike and I also want to get away from a lot of dairy and pasta; our diet needs some serious fine-tuning. Today it all came Continue Reading →

Baskets of Easters Past

Earlier this week, a friend asked what non-chocolate items people put in their kids’ Easter baskets. I recalled books, socks, colouring books, plush toys, LEGO and other stuff. Some years, I opted for Dollar Store items, other years saw handmade toys and jewelry. For the first year since Kiddo was very small, I didn’t get her an easter basket full of stuff this year. She didn’t want to do the egg hunt this year, she Continue Reading →