I realized today that my YearOfYes hit the one year mark last month and I need to stop looking for things to do. The start of this year has been especially top-heavy with commitments and I am wearing out. Meanwhile, my word of the year is “complete” and I look around to see very little actually completed. My knitting projects are largely stalled (only the one I took to work has shown real progress) although Continue Reading →

Taking Advice from the Universe

Recently I posted a status update on Facebook, “Sometimes the universe whispers. Tonight it yelled in my ear.”   The next morning I laughed because of the video with Bill Nye making fun of how often certain people say “it was like the universe was telling me….” (from Inside Amy Schumer.) But, in all seriousness, I think there is a certain frequency we can all access if we are still and attentive. And for what Continue Reading →

Clutter-busting is Getting Easier

I returned to Blackwood over the weekend at Shawn’s urging to go through those boxes I’d ignored in storage. I didn’t want to — in my mind, I was letting go and since I couldn’t remember what was in them, how much did it matter? Well, I’m glad I did because inside some of those boxes were important things like my framed degree and certificates, school paperwork, artwork, and a small mountain of mixed CDs Continue Reading →


Just a week after moving in, I am starting to make little adjustments and make note of key things — like the fact that I need to hoard loonies for laundry and that I should remember to take my backpack if I grocery shop by bus. On the plus side, bus to/from work is now 20 minutes door to door — about half what it was from the house (mainly because I am now on Continue Reading →

Deep Storage

One of the most tedious things to fallout of this split and move is dealing with the stuff that we have been schlepping from place to place without unpacking. I am determined to purge as much as I can this time around which means actually opening all those boxes stashed away and labeled “keepsakes.” We have an area under the front of the house that is narrow but long, about four rows of boxes on Continue Reading →

Stash Management

Guess I’m no lady, then, because I’m about to chat about exactly that. One of the things I had planned to do even before everything changed this year was to clear out some of the accumulated crafting crap taking up far too much space in the basement. I managed to get my yarn down to a manageable single container (plus whatever is currently in my knitting bag) and took a full bag over to a Continue Reading →


Originating from Japanese, the word tsundoku is one of those words imported to English because we don’t have an equivalent. It basically means “book hoarding” but more specifically it is the habit of buying or collecting books and leaving them unread, often piled up in stacks on nightstands or other surfaces. Ah yes. I am very familiar with that practice and it is a big part of my justification for taking on the 2015 Reading Continue Reading →

Wrapping it up!

Once the shopping is done, the wrapping begins…. and as trends go, it seems we’ve been moving away from dollar-store-gift-bags with tissue and back to more creative ideas. Here’s the latest decorative trends for wrapping; it seems to be about the embellishments. Of course most of those depend on paper; while I make fabric gift bags, Silk Road Tea is among the places where you can buy Furochic pretty fabric squares based on furoshiki, traditional Continue Reading →

The New Routine

The other day, Shawn came to a realization: he doesn’t hate routine after all. For me, routine is often the only thing that gets me out the door and when steps are changed, I am likely to either forget something important or get settled into a good read online then rush around at the last minute. Most mornings run like this: 5:45, Shawn gets up, preps lunch(es) and coffee (but not this month — he’s Continue Reading →

Rethink, Reflect, Relax.

For three days, last week, I was at the CUPE Political Action Conference. I traveled and stayed on my own; Shawn and Kiddo joined me on Friday. I spent yesterday mostly in “hang mode” on my return, but the concepts from the conference continued to spin in my head.   Rethink Personally, I have a lot of issues with “partisan politics” — specifically with individuals and groups who spend a lot of energy pushing their Continue Reading →